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There is nothing just like traveling, from seeing new places for the first time or returning to another, it is always fascinating. People of different ages, from all around the world, travel to distant places for many different reasons sometimes for business, family or just to spare time. Whether by airplane, train, ship or car, travel is mostly a pleasant and enjoyable experience, at least for the people who can afford and know comfortable and safe methods of travel. But it has more benefits than making money, to see loved ones or enjoy your own self-vacation. There are many other advantages of traveling that many people often tend to miss.One benefit of traveling is finding and keeping one’s modesty. Often, people get too wrapped up in themselves and their everyday routine of working, sleeping, eating and living. They become too arrogant up to the point that it affects their health, their happiness, and their point of view. Traveling reminds those who pay attention that they are not the only person in the world, that this is a huge planet and that they are only a small speckle in it. It is quite a humbling experience, to go to a faraway place and see large numbers of people living differently, and coming to understand how large and diverse the world actually is. When people who learn new things return home, they keep around with them this perspective for the rest of their life and they benefit from this with knowledge and perspective.Another advantage of travel is coming to see your own native country in a different light and in a different way. People do this by comparing their home from a foreign location, which is almost always done by traveling.As a person starts to do this they might develop a different perspective or point of view. Possibly, their own country is not as free as they had first thought it to be. For example, a person does not understand what it means to be a native of their country until they have seen it from a different point of view, perhaps the way that other countries view them. When people are traveling far away and they learn to go by the norms or laws of the country that they are visiting, they immediately think of how things are done in their own country and culture, this then leads to the person questioning the way things are done or favoring one in particular. This changes how one feels and views their own country, whether in a better or worse way. This can be applied to various characteristics, such as rights, customs, and traditions, beliefs, etc. Traveling is always beneficial for the person experiencing it.

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