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The planet earth is in serious
danger due to global warming. The polar ice caps are melting at a fast and
consistent rate. The flooding and droughts are creating natural disasters
around the world. All countries must begin to address, create, and implement
solutions and take measures before it is too late and it gets out of our hands.
Some of the more advance countries can and are reducing the emission of gasses
that destroys and damage the ozone layers. They can reduce the destruction of
rainforest, and switching from electric plants that work from fossil fuel, to
electricity generated from natural resources like solar energy and wind
technology for example.

Rainforest once covered fourteen
percent of our mother earth surface. Now this figure has minimize to six
percent. The Humans approximately destroy around one point five acres per
second around the world. Nature plays a big role when it comes to rain forest
these can control a big role in local and global weather conditions by creating
and absorbing precipitation. In the scientific world they refer to the rain
forest as big sponges since they can absorb precipitation and later they
releases it to the atmosphere.

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The Humans blame God Almighty for
the storms but they don’t know that they are the monsters behind the storms. In
past years, large and destructive hurricanes, tornadoes and storms have cause
mass destruction across the world. Some of them are storms like Hurricane
Katrina and the more recent Maria, which are called super storms.

Researchers believe that
increasing temperatures lead to greater oceanic evaporation, which provides
fuel for these storms to form. Agricultural Production is another way global
warming is affecting us while rising temperatures might immediately seem to benefit
and accelerate agricultural production warmer climates and temperatures mean
more crops to grow do to the nature of global warming, humans which are often
inconsistent, has not notice that this is a really bad thing and they take it
lightly since it means more profit for them. One example might be to take a
major food source like wheat, corn or rice, and see how rising temperatures
affect yields in different regions of the world specially in third world
countries. Many crops grow faster under warmer conditions as I said before, but
this increased speed also means the reduction of yield. Research could use both
historic data and current data and track the behavior between temperature and
yield to know exactly global warming’s impact on agriculture.

Even though others might disagree
the climate and habitats are changing drastically and faster by year. The
Mississippi River region and see how even a single degree increase or decrease
in temperature causes an ingrowth in plant and algae growth, the slightly
change can cause one species or another to rapidly multiply or decline. My
father himself was watching natgeo and he was heartbroken by what he saw a
polar bear starving to death since the artic ice is dying he was lost in a
single cap of ice without any energy to swim or to hunt anything. These are
endangered species that if we do not do something are gone disappear in a
couple of years.

Global warming, also known as
global climate change, is a topic that humanity is not taking very serious.
Because climate change impacts numerous of things like species habitats it
affects all of planet earth habitants. The most important topic for me is the
habitat that humans are destroying it is the most that affect ourselves since
it can affect the ozone layer every day every second and its only getting worse
now with our current president got the united states out of one of the most
important group of countries that are focusing in the unification of all the
world to go green and motivating the countries that are not embracing or trying
to change.

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