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The impact will be reproduced in development of global improvement and human rights commitments, based on internationally approved pointers brief in the addition to the Strategic Plan. This is a major measure of how the world is increasingly gathering its cooperative obligations to children. UNICEF will support both individual countries and the global community as a whole to measure overall trends in advances for children.

The UNICEF contributes in collaboration with national partner, civil society and the other sectors. There are seven outcomes of UNICEF’s strategy plan (2014 – 2017). The outcomes of health are improved and reasonable use of great – impact kind, newborn and child health interventions from pregnancy to adolescence and promotion of healthy behaviors.  Moreover, the UNICEF will provide all countries to end preventable child deaths with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the others.

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UNICEF’s impacts will also including such as – providing equitable delivery of interventions, the increasing entrance to lifesaving and defensive negotiations, the containing in humanitarian action, the developing caregiver knowledge of grate – impact interventions, the establishment health systems, containing the contributing, as appropriate, to universal health coverage, the  developing the quality and use of data for making decisions, and confirming better integration of health services with other services and interventions being supported to mothers, newborns and children.

For the Nutrition impact, UNICEF is supported delivery of vitamin  and micronutrient supplementation and iodized salt, promotion of exclusive breastfeeding, the community – based prevention and management of malnutrition. So, UNICEF will increase nutrition on brain development and function. And it is also provided for the improving country capacity to ensure protection of the nutritional status of the children in humanitarian conditions. UNICEF’s working for the water, sanitation and hygiene are also improved to use of safe drinking water, sanitation and healthy environments.

During the humanitarian crises, UNICEF provided to increase the number of children and families who are lacking to drink the safe drinking water. UNICEF is also focused on the access and learning in basic education. So, UNICEF also focuses on the increasing of the early childhood development and the basic educational levels. The child protection’s impact in UNICEF is preventing violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse, consisting through strengthening the protective capacities of families and communities. The child production also included the care of children, justice and civil registration domains.


          UNICEF is an important role to play in the supplement of Governments and other partners while advocating for its specific mandated area of newborns, children and their mothers. Because the nutrition for the children is a central element for human, social and economic development, increased the nutrition action in the countries or in the Region with the highest malnutrition responsibility, and those more vulnerable populations in all national countries can chief to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger by 2015 (source – MDG 1)).

This organization will lead to healthy and best developed populations better able to transaction of the economic and environmental challenges that are challenging the Pacific Island Nations and Territories, not least in food and nutrition security. UNICEF and its many partners must do everything possible and the first year of this Strategic Plan, will continue and develop, contributing and helping from maintainable development. The UNICEF is one of the best organization which is supported the children health care, education, nutrition, safe drinking water, food security and the others. 

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