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The Constitutional Convention which took place from  May 17 until September 17, 1787 took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It occured to revise the first system of government that the colonies had since the Revolutionary War against Great Britain. There were many important people participating, such as George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and many more. They drafted the final Constitution in September, and it included the new and improved framework of the US government, such as the three branches, checks and balances, sovereignty, and more (WIKIPEDIA). One other person that was in attendance at the Constitutional Convention was a man named John Rutledge. John Rutledge was born in September of 1739, so he was 48 years old when he attended the convention. He had 6 younger siblings and a mother of English descent. In 1760, he went to Middle Temple school in England. He later became a Lawyer, Judge, Planter, Slaveholder, and the first governor of South Carolina. After living a long, and arguably a very successful life, he died before turning 61 on July 23 1800, details of his death are unknown. ( Not only was Rutledge successful in life, he also was successful in helping to form the Constitution. He even got to sign it. He was willing to agree with many details of the Constitution, such as a strong central government, and also the fact that slavery had to be remained under control by each state. Rutledge also was the Chairman of the Committee of Detail, which created the first draft of the Constitution. He was such a good role, that a fellow signee of the Constitution, William Pierce, said that “he is undoubtedly a man of abilities, and a Gentleman of distinction and fortune.” Also, George Washington nominated him to be the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and he was approved by the Senate. Washington also nominated him for Chief Justice, but was not confirmed. In 1795, he left the Supreme court and went on to live in public life ( and John Rutledge WIKI) Clearly, John Rutledge had a lot experience with  federal power and signing documentations. John Rutledge is and was not as well known as George Washington or Alexander Hamilton, but he didn’t get enough credit for what he has done. If I were to grade him based on his significance on the Constitutional Convention, I would give him a B+. This is because he actually helped draft the Constitution and he signed it. Also, many people respected him, like George Washington. However, he was not really a one man band. Overall, Rutledge was a good person to be included in the Constitutional Convention. To sum up, There were many delegates who participated in the creation of the Constitution during the Constitutional Convention. Perhaps an unpopular one of them was John Rutledge. He had a lot of experience of federal power, such as being part of the Associates Justice of the Supreme Court, chairman of the Committee of Detail, and even the first governor of South Carolina. He was highly involved in the creation of the Constitution. To conclude, John Rutledge was a powerful man who was always busy, and what’s amazing about it is that he isn’t even well known today for all that he has done in his life, and that’s why he is special. (

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