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“The youth
of today are the leaders of tomorrow”- Nelson Mandela

In this
world, there are two types of people. One type is known as the leaders, and the
other as followers. Therefore, it is needed to decide whether one wants to be a
leader or a follower. But, some people are known to be born leaders. The
quality runs in their family; it is in their genes. Consequently, peoples got
inspired by such people promptly and work to embed this quality in them. However,
being an effective leader can be challenging at times. Leader is a person who
influences other people to achieve a common goal and behaviors by getting the
best from his team or organization. There are different leadership styles, the
followers, and the function of the leader. Subsequently, in my dealings with my
family, peers, and other acquaintances, I discovered the real me through
different situation. These events have made me to understand that what kind of
leader I want to be. Personally, I want to be a leader who bequeaths an
exemplar and a role model; who does the right thing no matter what the
circumstances are. So I have experienced in myself good qualities of leader
being in family, in high school cricket team, and in group projects and
researches in university. Some of valuable my observed leadership’s traits are
how to: lead a team, be a better listener, hold a temperate discussion and
solve a problem. Even though I have learnt alot, but still I am eager to
transform myself to become a better leader such as being more assertive, being
more disciplined, becoming a better public speaker with realistic and
optimistic approach. Moreover, in university I led a group as a team leader in
different projects. There was diversity in a group because they had different
approaches so there was the feeling of nonconformity as most of us were new to
each other. Therefore, I toke initiative to encourage people to speak up and
share the ideas with the group in order to brainstorm the matter. It gave a
hint to me to realize the common agenda and I came up with ways that helped the
group members to achieve the common goal. Resultantly, I was appointed as group
leader in multiple assignments and projects. At the time, I came to know that I
am a good leader-having the democratic leadership qualities.

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to these personality traits, I always aspired to be democratic leader. According
to me, democratic leader strikes a balance between the autocrat and the
laissez-faire leaders. Democratic leaders are those who make concluding
decisions and involve team members in the process of making decision, while the
level of participation may vary. They are good listeners. They lift up others,
nurture others strengths, and are committed to help others to grow into their
potential. They know when to make the tough calls by themselves, if there is a
situation calling for speedy action. This kind of leadership focuses on the
contributions of the subordinates; however, the final accountability of their decisions
and actions is that of the leader.

throughout my career at HMB, regardless of my title or position, I want to
develop and polish these democratic leadership skills. Though the scenarios are
uncertain and it is hard to predict where I will get the opportunity to excel my
skills in future department. But it is certain I will prove to be an effective
leader by adding value simply through my skills in the team. As now on, it is
the one goal that is to be accomplished through improving the entire team’s
performance and productivity which will be fruitful for the HMB.

a leader needs to decide his type of leadership style and as I have decided dominant
style of leadership, I have chosen the democratic style. And to become a democratic
leader, it is to acquire and enhance a bunch of several qualities throughout my
life including confidence, commitment, positive attitude, honesty, integrity,
patience, transparency, creativity, open-mindedness, knows how to delegate,
communicate effectively and prepared to actively lead a team. I do not want to
be a democratic kind of leader only my career but also in personal life as one
day I want to be a devoted husband and a supporting father.

In a
nutshell, the journey of MBA from Iqra University and training of Management
Trainee Officers batch (2017) in Habib Metropolitan Bank, taught me that each
person is a unique individual. Thus, each has his or her own unique traits that
define him uniquely from another person. One has his own unique fingerprint and
DNA embedded in him. With this, each also has his own leadership style. In
training sessions I realized that the MTOs are the future leaders and for this
purpose, it is needed to have leadership skills and those leadership skills are
not simply ‘picked up’ over time. But that they have to be developed, they have
to be taught, they have to be learnt. Therefore, I tried to observe, emulate
and customize the leadership behaviors I admire greatly from my academics,
HMB’s history, their legacy, clients, and from mentors. I realized in various
circumstance and experiences that I have democratic leadership qualities and I
want to polish these qualities in my entire life. I have noticed that democratic
leaders are the people who’s all side are heard, fairness and equity are
practiced. Therefore, it is considered to be my most preferred leadership
styles and I would like to see myself as a best democratic leader in my life.

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