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Rock Street, San Francisco

The light makes a large area of shadow that helps in
enhancing evocativeness and mystery within the store. The use of light to
create an outstanding visual image of the retail shop helps enhance the beauty
and appearance of the retail space.

The masterful use of full space
expression is seen in San Paolo store. Silvestrin uses different elements to
impact a person’s mood. The most basic fundamental of architecture is to create
a piece that does not focus on how it looks or appears but rather looks into
how the architecture makes people feel, act, behave, think and reflect.
Although architecture has no direct relationship with our moods, it is vital
for every architect to improvise designs that would affect an individual’s mood
over time. Retail spaces have an impact on the individuals using them. The
human character has a capacity of transformation, understanding how a given
architectural design can affect an individual is important in creating designs
that can change a person’s mood. Claudio uses various techniques to create a
space that lifts the spirits of different clients. He uses beauty to create a
magnificent retail space that influences a person’s happiness and mood.

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The store consists of the short
staircase that is professionally crafted with two stone planes running through
them. This creates a mental picture of a client’s mind which help produces
happiness and joy in his/her heart. The elegance and beauty created by this
staircase are so mesmerizing and elegant and brings beautiful memories in the minds
of the customers. Besides, the retail store has a single window that is placed
into the vertical slits resulting in a price and quality designs. This window
helps create a magnificent view of the clients both outside and inside the
retail store. The beauty help creates lasting and admirable memories of the
retail shop. It also helps attract customers through the fine displays that are
shown through the window. The combination of well-crafted windows and the use
of light create a masterful architectural piece that is outstanding, beautiful
and royal. 

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