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The book I did was The Man in The High Castle. In the book, we know the West Coast has fallen under Japanese control. In this alternate universe, the U.S has lost WW2, meaning Japan and Germany have won. The story starts by introducing us to a character names Robert Childan. He owns a small American Antique shop that usually caters to Japanese customers. Although his customers mainly consist Japanese buyers, he is not a big fan of them. Including one of his customers named Mr. Tagomi. In the novel, Robert doesn’t know what he will get Mr. Tagomi. Mr. Tagomi is looking for a gift for an important business client he needs to impress. After this the reader is introduced to another character named Frank Frink. When first introduced, he has just been fired from his job at a factory that creates fake antiques that are sold at shops, similar to Frinks. This becomes a problem due to the fact that Frink is Jewish. After being fired, he decides to open a small jewelry shop that creates and sells jewelry. After Frink begins worrying about his wife, Juliana, is slowly introduced. From the information given, we know she is a judo instructor who is secretly cheating on her husband with a man named Joe Cinnadella. After Joe asks her to go on an unexpected road trip, she agrees. While on the road, she picks up a book and begins reading. The name of the book is The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. Ironically,the book is about what the world would be like if the U.S had won WW2. After this Mr. Tagomi meets a businessman whose name is just Baynes. He claims to be a swedish businessman, but Mr. Tagomi has his suspicions. They must wait for an Elderly Japanese man to start their meeting. After that, Frank and Ed, his friend that he opened the shop with, try to sell some of their jewelry to Childan. Then Joe decides that he and Juliana should take a detour to visit the author of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. While they were staying in a hotel, Juliana discovers that he is a German spy that is supposed to kill the author of the book. Tagomi and Bayes finally meet with the elderly Japanese man. He comes out at retired General Tedeki. Then, Baynes reveals he is a German spy and tells the retired general that there is talk of a nuclear attack on Japanese home islands. Nazis barge in and try to hold Baynes, but Tagomi pulls out a piston and shoots the Nazis. Baynes then returns to Germany and Frink gets arrested for suspicions of being Jewish, but is let go after Mr. Tagomi signs a release, shortly after having a heart attack due to the guilt of taking somebody’ life. Now back to Joe and Juliana. When looking for the author, she finds out he no longer lives in his mansion, but entertaining guests at a normal home. She tells the author that he was going to be assassinated. The author then tells Juliana that he used the I Ching to write the book. After reviewing the oracle, she realizes that The Grasshopper Lies Heavy expresses “Inner Truth”. Germany and Japan really did lose the war. In my honest opinion, I did not enjoy the novel. It was a bit boring to me. It had little to no action and had large amounts of dialogue and conversations. For my age group, I don’t think that I would recommend this book. I feel like readers my age are not interested in these kinds of things, nor am I.

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