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The literature on economic voting has had a few
weaknesses that some researchers have pointed out. One major concern is the
issue of endogeneity. The issue of endogeneity comes from the possibility that voters
view on the economy simply steps from their partisan alignment (Wlezien, Franklin
and Twiggs 1997). Kramer (1983) argued that the cross national studies that estimate
the impacts of economic factors on voting are biased. He also criticised
election surveys as not being sufficient on investigating economic voting
because its sometimes produces fallacious results due to voter’s party
identification (Kramer 1983). Voters partisanship can affect the evaluation of incumbent’s
economic performance. People that naturally support the incumbent will believe that
they had positive impact on the economy while those that naturally support the
opposing candidate or party will more likely have a negative perception of the incumbent’s
economic performance. The difference in  

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