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The topics for discussion for the
Security Council are ‘Formation of a transnational Coalition to Resolve the Ongoing
Crisis in Syria’ and ‘Development of an Effective Global Information System to
Aid in the War Against Terrorism’. The Security Council is a 15-member crucial
division of the United Nations that has leading responsibility for the
maintenance of international security. The Republic of China is a permanent
member of the Security Council that has been aiding the Syrian refugees and developing
new strategies to aid in the war against terrorism.

Formation of a Transnational Coalition to terrifying Resolve the Ongoing Crisis in Syria

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“Syria has become the great tragedy of this century.” Since 2011, Syria’s
anti-government protests escalated into becoming today’s brutal civil war.
Since the beginning of crisis and according to the Syrian Centre for Policy
Research’s 2016 study, an estimation of 470,000 Syrians has lost their lives,
endless number of injuries occurred, at least 6 Million others have been internally
displaced, and 4 million were forced to flee their country becoming refugees. Even
the people surviving the conflict are forced to live with the images of war,
death, and violence.

The civil war in Syria
is not only a human tragedy for the country; it became a global issue that
jeopardizes the nations.  Based on the UN
statistics, Syrian refugees are “the world’s largest refugee population.” The refugees
are severely affecting the economy of the host countries. Therefore, China has been constantly supporting the Syrian refugees with
multiple humanitarian aids as their ability permits and the crisis continues.  Although China is still a developing nation with
rates of poverty and other population problems, it has been supporting refugee-targeted
countries with economical aids to help them deal with the refugee crisis. China
provided the middle eastern nations with an estimation of 900 million yuan to help
them deal with the refugee crisis.

The Republic of China has been
following the developments in Syria. China believes that pertinent parties should
provide constructive aid for the political settlement of the crisis and avoid
further militarizing the issue to reach to the end of the crisis.  The Chinese government has been actively
promoting peace, communication, and the settlement of the crisis. It plans on
supporting any settlement plan, if it is agreed upon by all relevant parties in

The Syrian crisis has affected the
social, economic, and security issues of countries all around the world.
Therefore, the world is certainly in need of a transnational coalition which
will have multiple benefits on Syria and other countries. First, the coalition
will involve an agreement from the countries to aid refugees and relocate them,
which will solve a major impact of the civil war, refugee crisis. The
transnational coalition will call upon a peace treaty that will save the lives
of thousands of innocent souls and help in improving the social, economic, and
security status of the affected countries.


Development of an Effective Global Information System to Aid in the
War Against Terrorism

“Terrorism is contempt for human
dignity.” Ever since the tragic 9/11 attacks in 2001 in the United States of
America, terrorism rates have been increasing rapidly. Groups like ISIL, Boku
Haram, Al Qaeda and 100s more have been expanding. They are targeting and
threating security systems. The groups intend to share their poison with the
world, through interconnected relationships inside and outside of their bases. Incidents
and victims of terrorism have been increasing. In fact, in the year 2017, an
estimation of 1,134 attacks have occurred.

The republic of China strongly
stands against terrorism, and has been increasing its security measures ever since the Tibet and Xinjiang incidents that caused the
death of a lot of souls. China improved its counterterrorism capabilities by
implementing new laws and enforcing mandates to gain back control on the
region. One of the most paramount decisions taken by China to open a door to a
more stable civilization is introducing the new strategy known as “de-radicalization”
in 2013.  The strategy was strictly
followed through various agendas by Xinjiang to address the upsurge in
terrorist violence.  

Also, the unending
battle in china against the militant Muslim Uyghurs, has led the Chinese
government to take in extra, measurements in achieving peace in Xinjiang. These
measurements include the involvement of multiple forces such as the PLA, PAP
and the XPCC against terrorist attacks. Violence in Xinjiang was the cause of
the death of many people in the region, however as security measures are deepening
and as the Chinese government is establishing more laws and strategies, the
number of attacks and deaths has dropped down significantly.

Terrorism will lead to
the destruction of humanity, if we don’t unite all together against it. One
major step toward resolving the issue is to develop an international alliance
and a global information system to fight against terrorism. It is an essential
step to a more stable nation.  Based on a
UN global counter terrorism strategy we must “cooperate fully in the fight
against terrorism” and aid in ending this war. “China is willing to
discuss at the un security council any proposals against terrorism.” 

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