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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central Africa and is the biggest country byland mass in sub- Saharan Africa. It is holds the greater part of the Congo River basin, is a giantnation, one third the size of the United States.In 2015, Burundi violence is outbreak more than 320,000 refugees have searched refugee in theneighboring refugees, out of which 28,300 live in South Kivu and about 1,800 with hostcommunities in Katanga, Maniema and North Kivu provinces. In the DRC an enhancement inarrivals has been audited in the second semester. From January to June 2016, some 4,500refugees have been registered whereas about 4,700 new arrivals were registered between Julyand September, 2016.DRC has been facing gradual friction, especially in the east (South Kivu, North Kivu and Stateof Former Katanga). Congolese refugees Valedictory from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya andTanzania take in pre departure treatment for soil-transmitted helminthes, malaria andschistosomiasis .These refugee health profile is desire to help resettlement agencies, cliniciansand provides discern the cultural background of and health issues that affect resetting Congoleserefugee Demography. The following health circumstances are deliberated priority healthconditions when caring for or helping Congolese refugee parasitic infections, malaria, sexual andmental health and gender based violence. These health circumstances represent a health burdensfor the Congolese refugee Demography. In addition to the criterion guidelines for post oncomingmedical screening of newly arriving refugees.CDC provides recommendations while state healthdepartment oversee and guidelines and administer the domestic medical screenings. Congoleserefuses got vaccines during the examination.NGO offered some services include reproductivehealth, emergency medical services and referrals basic laboratory services, pediatrics andintegrated management of childhood illness, Tuberculosis management(TB),voluntary testingand counseling for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with referral services for antiretroviraltreatment and nutrition promotion.In Congolese, Refugees are facing many problems. They need some more services such ashousehold sanitary facilities construction, supply of safe drinking water, health and hygienecampaigns implementation. Refugees arriving largely come from rural areas and often have alimited knowledge of health related issues, particularly on HIV, sexually transmitted diseases,reproductive health issues including maternal and child health and communicable illnesses. Sothe awareness of maintaining a good health should increase among them. As our country alreadyhas a vast population , we are currently unable to provide these refugees enough facilitiesbecause of the shortage of sufficient funding. If the rich countries offer their helping handstowards these refugees, the possibility of providing enough facilities will rise. So, we areexpecting their helping hands.

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