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The Monkey’s Paw is a story about choices that lead to life or death situations. The Whites being the main characters are given a monkey’s paw that can grant any three wishes. All of the wishes have a sinister consequences. The power of the paw is unbelievable. Watching The Simpsons parody and comparing it to the original version elements like family dynamics, wishes, and the overall mood. The original story and The Simpsons remake both have family dynamics. The Simpsons has 5 members of their family. The two adults are Homer and Marge. The children’s names are Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. The original version has 3 members. Mr. White being the dad and Mrs. White being the mom. The son is named Herbert. The Simpsons are a funny family while The Whites are not so funny. Both the original and The Simpsons version of The Monkey’s Paw mainly deal with the wishes. The original version has 3 wishes but The Simpsons had four wishes. When Homer first gets the paw it has four fingers. When the paw was first showed in the original story is had three fingers which represented the three wishes. The wishes in The Simpsons were comedic and not practical things. Maggie wishes for a binkie, Bart wished rich and fame, Lisa wished for world peace, and Homer wished for a turkey sandwich. There were really no consequences in The Simpsons story. The original version wishes were practical like Herbert wished for 200 pounds to pay off their house. Herbert then dies at work that day because of the wish. So Mrs. White wishes for her son back to life. The third wish remains unknown because it was never stated in  the story. The moods in these story don’t change throughout the stories and don’t change. The overall mood in both stories are completely different. The Simpsons had a mood of comedy and humor. They are laughing and when wishing, they wish for things that are meant to make you laugh. When watching this remake I was laughing majority of the time. While reading the original Monkey’s Paw it was very depressing because of the mood. It shows that they are needy for money and they love each other very much. No one is laughing during the original story. When they wish it is very serious and not meant to make you laugh. To conclude, the original Monkey’s Paw family dynamics, mood, and wishes are similar exemplified in The Simpsons remake. The family dynamics are both family’s with kids. Moods are completely different from fun to sad between the two. The wishes are different from practicality to the amount of wishes. Even though theses stories are similar and different they both portray the same things.

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