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  The ability to delegate responsibility is an imperative skill set for a manager to have. The busy day to day operations and tasks that a manager faces can be very difficult. It is best to look at ones team and try to understand the skills and experience the members each possess. Using this information a manager could effectively delegate tasks to a subordinate and use their time more efficiently. Being able to clearly state what you want is an important part of delegating responsibility to people, so they may provide you with the best result you were hoping for.       I believe that delegation provides more effective management of a team. Delegating tasks will project your authority over a team first and foremost, but it will also show that you have an interest in their work. Although delegation is a great tool, it is ineffective if you do not know your own teams skill sets. Setting up tasks to give to people can be time consuming at first, but will save you time in the long run. Appropriately delegating responsibility to ones respective skill set and improving them are qualities that make an effective manager. Overseeing tasks without micromanaging will give a broad view of the tasks one is doing, while at the same time giving them enough space to not feel stressed from the manager lurking over their shoulder.     Having read this information, I feel that I may become a better team member, but I feel more strongly that it will make me a stronger manager. I believe that if I am in the place of a team member, I can understand the manager’s perspective at times. For example, they may be seeking to assist me in my growth in the company, or improve my skill sets. Reading on delegation has given me a new perspective, and way of thinking when being put into a team.     Overall, I strongly feel that delegation is an important skill set for a manger to possesss, and for an employee to understand. It is a great win-win for the participating parties if all aspects are looked at. These aspects would be, time constraints, skill sets, resources available, and growth opportunity. These are all things that could be applied to someone who feels that they are spread too thin. (I am not sure if you wanted the url to all categories, or just the sub category. I will post them both just in case.) 🙂 

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