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 The Progressive Era took place in the United States. The progressive Movement was suppose to support the social issues regarding to females suffrage, educations,work wages,and the conditions. This movement ended World War 1 due to the Horror War getting exposed. President Woodrow Wilson tried to use this war to make the world safe from democracy.        People have struggle with worker rights for many years. Workers suffered daily trying to feed their families, you was forced to work whenever they allowed you. These people was locked into the work factories all day long and all night until their boss told them to go home. Sometimes these people was locked in the factories for days, It was hot with no air-conditions. People have been on they feet all day with no sleep or meals. They were working till they passed out. The conditions was poor and they was paid low wages. Some people weren’t lucky enough to receive an enough amount to feed their families they had to make sacrifices to work doubles, which means two times the time you are forced to work. Worker Rights was like slavery with a little bit of freedom as of being able to go to your own home be with your family . A lot of these workers was put on strike which caused them to lose their jobs not allowing them to provide food. The workers eventually protested for their jobs back, some people were killed and put in critical conditions. Eugene Debs.(When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong).     Children and women were mistreated. The children didn’t have any rights, workers was like slaves with just a little amount of freedom. The freedom they had was limited these workers was forced to stay at the factories till they were released, people lost sleep, they didn’t eat as much and these peoples was forced to work some people worked till they passed out just for low wages. This was devastating and unbelievable how the Government allowed this to happen. Politics and Democrats are like enemies but they had power and they used that power for almost everything besides making the world equal. The thirteenth amendment helped end slavery which was a similarity equal rights. Slavery was probably more prevalent, the thirteenth amendment past a state law that slavery and involuntary servitude will live non existence. Eugene Debs (The most heroic word in all languages is revolution).   Civil Rights was a struggle for mostly black people who were trying to gain equal rights in the United States. This occur during the 1950s and the 1960s. The Civil Rights abolished slavery but it didn’t stop discrimination. People was races no matter what the law say. The Civil Right movement was nationwide it most definitely affected everybody; around this time Dr. Martin Luther King was legally protesting followed by the blacks who were affected. Black people fought for voting and other equal rights the fourteenth amendment made it sort of equal the fourteenth amendment thy were allowed to vote. World War 2 was apart of helping the equal rights, they tried to get the blacks more pay and shorter hours.(In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends).   The civil rights, Segregation, and Worker Rights was just a discrimination and racism horror, black folks were took for granted, treated like animals just because of their skin tone. They treated black folks like they weren’t human. The whole situation was irrelevant they didn’t have a chance to make their own decision in  life on what they wanted to be they were born to work for whites. Some of the jobs were for slaves to work on the farm in the fields, servants, maids and sex. They were even forced to hurt each other these people was torcher, rape, hung, beaten, and murder if they didn’t follow their master instructions the civil rights helped fight for the blacks equal rights.(Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last).

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