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The first part of
this paper introduces the stress-strain relationship of concrete using
Hognestad Model (1951) and stress-strain model for Grade 60 steel (Priestley et
al. 1996). A control specimen 350 x 450 mm reinforced concrete beam along with
the material properties is established as the basis of the study. With the aid
of the Models, the intention of this paper is to investigate the impact of the properties
of the materials such as the compressive strength of concrete, the yield
strength of steel, amount of reinforcement, the dimensions of the beam in the behavior
of the reinforced concrete beam from unloaded state to crack initiation state,
flexural yielding and ultimate state.  The
results are obtained using a spreadsheet program and are presented using
diagrams and tables. The second part of this paper aims to present the
moment-curvature diagram using the same beam section, that of the control
specimen. The Kent and Park Model (1971) for concrete is used with analytical
Models for steel such as SD685 steel (Wang et al. 2009), Grade 60 steel
(Priestley et al. 1996) and A1035 (ACI Innovation Task Group 6 (2010). In
addition, experimental data for SD685, A1035 and Grade 60 are also used in the
presentation of the moment-curvature relationship. A spreadsheet program is
used for the necessary calculations and the presentation of the diagrams.
Through the results, it was observed that the reduction of the area of tensile
reinforcement reduces the flexural strength but increases its flexural
ductility, the decrease of compression reinforcement area in an RC beam
decreases its flexural strength and ductility, the use of high strength steel
increases the flexural capacity of the beam but reduces the flexural ductility
significantly,  the increase in the grade
of concrete could increase the flexural ductility granting flexural strength is
the same, it could also increase the flexural strength at equal flexural
ductility or it could add to both flexural strength and flexural ductility. The
study also justifies the use of the models that can satisfactorily approximate
the actual behavior of RC beams.

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