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                       The glowing and booming
fashion industry seems lustrous and sparkling in Western world to consumers and
especially during the runways. The tragic and horrifying conditions is all what
is hidden behind the scenes where poor workers working in sweatshops of second
world nations such as Bangladesh and China. It almost seems unfathomable that a global industry which
generated 1.5 trillion euros in revenues last year does not pay a living wage
to all its workers. Yet this is the reality for a large majority of the
60 million people employed in the fashion industry supply chain.


                     Popular clothing brands
such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and GAP are some of the popular American and
worldwide clothing brands that attract numerous customers looking for products with
reasonable prices. As a customer I believe that it is our responsibility to
check labels before buying any clothing items. Such retailers are successful in
coming up with better deals with attracts thousands of new customers each day. Retailers
achieve high profits and increased sales. Before buying a clothing piece an
individual should also check it’s manufacturing country that’s printed along
with the internal label and the material used to make the product.

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                        Sweatshops are one of
the important reasons for harmful accidents such as collapse of building,
fires, unsafe work conditions and exploitation to the workers being cheated by
the company. Life is unimaginable for the ones working there. Workers struggle to survive on
extremely low pay, suffering appalling poor working conditions, excessive hours
and are denied basic trade union rights. Poor working conditions
affect the quality of the product. Quality of clothes made in sweatshops tend
to have a short life as compared to high quality clothes made in fair working
conditions in industries. Clothes made in developed nations such as USA, Canada
and Italy are made with better technologies and facilities which also includes
the use of best materials available in market. This makes the product long-lasting
and customers generally enjoy better quality product at a fair price.

                                 A manufacturing and marketing plan is an important aspect for any company
to start it’s flourishing business in today’s highly competitive fashion
industry. In my opinion having a manufacturing plant in domestic country. This
is a fair option to create a better quality product with a wage satisfaction
and preventing fear of sweatshops. Having a domestic manufacturing plant can
not only create a fair wage base but also save costs of import/exports.
Domestic laws also prevent companies from burning and dumping harmful chemicals
to take care of environment.

                                  When an
individual can secure sustainable employment that upholds their rights as a
worker and pays a living wage, it is more likely that the individual will
experience positive effects associated with economic independence such as
increased opportunities for civic and community participation, stabilization of
health problems, and even increased life expectancy. Conversely, employment
insecurity can have detrimental effects on the individual’s and/or household’s
well-being and community participation. As a clothing retailer it is their main
duty to have justice in workplace which benefits both company and it’s

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