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true essence that is brought by the brand Alfa Romeo makes every Alfa fan, feel
the true passion and love created within them. It makes us feel that Alfa Romeo
as a brand not only creats style as an aesthetic trait. There is a much deeper
meaning behind it. The designers and the engineers in Alfa Romeo have always
worked as a single unit from the beginning and will keep on doing so to achieve
the best solution in style, beauty, elegance, technology and the driving
dynamism. Each Alfa Romeo built till date reveals the true and organic power.
Every line and proportion is meant to unite together to attain a superior
aerodynamic power.

Alfa Romeo, the designers are pulled by an unparalleled passion to attain the
best quality and precession in terms of style, performance and dynamism. With
every new beast they create, they tend to break a new challenge and at the same
time the original creative approach is not changed. The Alfa Romeo way of
looking at things is not the same as any other automobile brand. Their
perspective of looking at things is completely different. Their approach of
understanding the relationship between the car and the driver is unique. They
creates a thirst to find a point of convergence between style and performance,
that helps them create a life, and not just a machine.

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inside an Alfa Romeo, the driver not just feels that he is driving a car. He
feels like he is at the center of an unparalleled sensation. He is like the
soul of the car, which completes it. When united with the machine, a beast is
born. The cockpit designed around the driver is not just filled with style and
technology. It is designed in such a way that it delivers an uncompromising
driving pleasure.The beast is designed in such a way that the result obtained
from the combination of the vehicle’s purpose and the driver’s desire form
together a superior on board experience that one could never forget.

once said by the Chief Designer of Alfa Romeo, Orazio Saitta Puliga, “Alfa
Romeo is more than mere machines built in conventional way. Amid many
automotive brands, Alfa Romeo takes up a different method. It’s a kind of
obsession, an enthusiasm. It’s a way of life, a different approach to
conceiving a motor vehicle.” These great words by Sir Orazio Saitta Puliga, the
Chief Designer of Alfa Romeo had, has and will always be an inspiration for the
Alfa Romeo team.

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