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The history of almost continuous racial conflict over housing in the twentieth century evinces not so much a problem of inadequate enforcement by government agencies or the inadequacy of the laws themselves as a determined effort on the part of white home owners, landlords, and tenants to keep their neighborhoods white, which has resulted in most black being disinclined to alter that condition. In so doing, it was even crystal clear that because of discriminatory housing policy actually let the Yonkers become segregated, when a Federal judge ruled on November 20th in 1985 Yonkers public housing and public schools segregated by racial lines and the city along with school officials in Yonkers had ”illegally and intentionally” accomplished that solo purpose. In “As Long As They Moved Next Door” by Meyer where she illustrated that in her Book, the voluminous academic and legal literature regarding violations of fair- housing legislation and discrimination by not only Governments, but also realtors and the scores of suits brought against realtors and landlord illustrate the persistence prejudice(217). The urban economist George Galster, has demonstrated, for example the real estate have not absolutely refused to show African American properties in all-white section. In addition, the homes that they do show blacks tend to be closer to blocks that already have a African American residents. Lenders often employ the tactic of redlining when considering loans to black. indeed , governments, meanwhile have also tried to maintain residential segregation. They have avoided racially specific zoning restrictions by imposing dwelling height and size requirements for construction or by concentrating low income housing in the inner city rather than dispersing it throughout metropolitan areas(217). In Yonkers case, Manhattan Federal District Court’s Judge Leonard B. Sand said that in his 600 page decision that the isolation that remained in the Yonkers schools emerged from actions taken since 1949 by the city as well as school officials (Williams 1). Moreover, he also said that these combined the deliberate introduce of publicly financed and contributed housing programs were framed in a region where mostly minority (Black and Latinos) reside. ”The Yonkers public schools not only are racially segregated, but also are unequal in the quality of educational opportunity afforded to students in these schools,” added by Judge Sand in his judgement. The court has accused the Yonkers official to accountable for the discriminatory action. The court had also found the  the city’s ”own discriminatory housing practices contributed substantially to the systemwide perpetuation and exacerbation of racial segregation in both housing and schools.”(William). Because city official practice those discrimination towards Southwest Yonkers and choose which site they will build subsidize public housing and reject to build any subsidized housing where white folks lived. As a result, the minority students did not get their education from the superior facilities, school staffs were less experienced and schools had unstable and overcrowded condition. Consequently, the economic effect went to the minority people. The City and schools perpetuated the  termed called ”segregative practices” that suit precisely cited under 6 divisions told by the Justice department. The above mentioned consist of the assignment of faculty representatives and administrators by skin color, according to the racial composition of the enrollments of individual schools and the board’s historical operating hypothesis that minority-group students could not perform at the level of white students. Furthermore, there were 7000 housing units in Yonkers, however, only one elderly project was build in eastern side of that area. So there was a clear indication that city official planned where and what to build in Yonkers and they did with their clear intention. According to the education department 60 percent of minority group students of primary education concentrated in 6 schools and 75 percent of them in high schools concentrated in 4 schools. And it was easily identifiable by the race. We also noticed that Two out-of-court endeavors to negotiate the case shattered under bureaucratic haggling and public residents pressure. The City Council rejected the tentative agreements among lawyers for the Board of Education, the N.A.A.C.P. and the Justice Department had proposed between January and March 1984. It can be easily said that not only social situation or white fight against public housing in Eastern area but also political involvement which help that situation to keep the side out of the minority people. Therefore, social, political and economical push factor  actually help to segregate public housing and school in  the Southwest Yonkers. Even, the housing developer also against the affordable housing projects in Yonkers. ”That is a pretty heavy absorption,” said Howard P. Sturman, a real-estate developer from Mount Vernon who is about to build 600 condominiums on the Hudson River in Yonkers. So capitalism grasp humanity as well because we can see that case he not only opposed that but also mentioned  Yonkers can’t take that weight because it is lot to ask. Although most cases rich people would mind to spend money on real estate no matter where it would build. As we read in “The Case for Reparations” that white people bought property in the poor neighborhood and rented out to the poor people and make profit out of it. Thus, Sturman would have less worried regarding to the affordable housing in Yonkers.Legislators in New York articulated as well as needed to put into a custom policies that pledged integrated housing as well as schools. At the end of the day, sophisticated and skilled government administrators recognized that many repelled these promises. Moreover, they were fated to shift even greater controversial during push came to bulldoze in specific localities.  Unusually why did few of them brave and antagonist from their same skin color (whites) to the relevant of sustain death threats together with losing their professions believing not only that they could have prevail but also morally it was the right thing to do as well? As we have seen at the tv series “Show Me A Hero” where Oscar Isaac plays Nick Wasicsko, a young, fiercely ambitious local politician with his sights set on the mayor’s office.Wasicsko is a self-styled voice of the (white) people, campaigning against the allocation of social housing in an affluent area of Yonkers. Tower-block dwellers hope for a better place to bring up their kids, while the middle-class folks clutch their pearls and fret about crime rates. On the one hand, there are angry mobs, men with rolled-up shirt sleeves and clenched fists, and multiple finger-pointing “F… you!”s. On the other, there are the small, tender scenes between mothers and sons, and neighbours showing concern, that shine far brighter for their naturalism. LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Norma and McKinley Belcher III as her son, Dwayne, dazzle modestly in their scenes t

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