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The Everyday life of an Anglo-Saxon was not easy. You could have
the misfortune to become a slave… Past that, war was the most continuous
source of slaves. ”Many conquered Celtic Britons would have moved toward
becoming slaves” as said in. (Anglo-Saxon life.” Britain Express, Britain
Express). People could move toward becoming slaves on the off chance that they
were not able pay a fine. Sometimes a family would offer a youngster into
slavery in time of starvation to guarantee the child’s survival.


English Saxons brutes were constantly described that way. “Anglo Saxons lived
in single-family homes surrounding a communal hall and protected by a wooden
stockade fence”. (Ra74195 Follow “Slide 12”. “Anglo-Saxons.) The
Anglo-Saxons made of little units, each was centered on the figure of the
ruler. The Popularity and achievement, and even survival were increased just
through devotion to the ruler, particularly amid war, and achievement was
measured in blessings from the pioneer.

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The Anglo-Saxons were
very much pagan when they came to Britain. They loved lords of nature and held
springs, wells, shakes, and trees in respect. Religion was not a spiritual revelation,
it was a methods for guaranteeing accomplishment in material things. For example,
you may go to a specific goddess for a successful gather, or for victory in
fight. “A couple of the main Anglo-Saxon god were Anglo-Saxon divine
beings were Tiw, Wooden (Odin), Thor, and Friya, whose names are recalled in
our days of the week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday”. (“Anglo Saxon Gretchen Tyler & Skyla Hubble – Photo Book)


weapons were used back then they had used swords that were about thirty inches
long and was made of iron with steel edges as stated in Express, Britain.
“Anglo-Saxon life.” Britain Express, Britain Express.  “The grip was frequently
cut and jeweled, and could be made with good fortunes images and the names of
great human beings stated in Express, Britain”. (Anglo-Saxon life. Britain
Express, Britain Express). The Danish Vikings were more furnished than the
Anglo-Saxons, depending on junk mail and caps.

Life for Anglo-Saxons were hard, The houses that they lived in were made of
wood thatched with straws and slaves had it worst because of the pain that they
had to go through, some didn’t really have a choice of becoming a slave.
Majority of Saxons was born slaves and didn’t have the say so. The reason
Parents would offer their child into slavery just because they were so poor and
wanted the child to survive. Parents giving their child into slavery means that
the parents were so poor they could not provide care for the children. Of
course Saxon still had faith and religion, they were pagan and loved lords of
nature and the only weapons they had were swords, but that is all they had back


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