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success of any company relies on its ability to attract its best candidates and
to achieve this, the recruitment process and methods should be fair, efficient
and effective. HR Department is associated with various roles and duties to be
performed but one of the most essential tasks to be carefully performed by a HR
manger is Recruitment Process. The main objective of recruitment should be, to
source and hire required candidate in a cost effective manner and the process
should be timely without any delay.

process is made up of a chain of steps which goes on in an orderly fashion.

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 Firstly job requirement analysis is done. Before
commencing with the recruitment process the needs of the company has to be well
analyzed so that the able candidates who has the ability to meet the needs and
requirements of the company can be specifically targeted.


consists of data gathering, deciding the budget for recruitment process,
deciding on which set of candidates to target based on their skill set,
deciding on the channels of advertising to bring in the candidates for
selection, selecting the appropriate recruiter to conduct the process in an
effective manner, deciding on what steps the recruitment process should be
carried out etc. On the whole, planning is done to frame to outlook of the
recruitment process and agenda for one year or for certain period of time so
that disruptions and leakages of time and money are avoided.


Sourcing is the step which is done to identify the
appropriate candidates with required skill sets to fill in the job vacancies
available in the company. Sourcing is done through advertising. There are
different channels of advertising such as newspaper advertising, social media,
advertising in job portals etc. There are also certain recruitment agencies which help in
sourcing of candidates.


of the candidates are screened and then those who don’t seem to fit in the job
vacancies available are eliminated in this process. This is the first step in
eliminating and this method is opted to filter selective candidates from a pool
of resumes that are been applied by the candidates.


step of screening is done through telephone call. A HR representative talks
over phone to the candidates and conducts a phone interview. The candidates are
shortlisted. The HR representative also gives details about the job and the position
of the applicant in the company.



most important part of the whole recruitment process is the interview. In this
step the candidates are asked to come to the company for a personal interview
with the HR representatives. Few predetermined questions are asked to the
applicants and the applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their knowledge
to the questions asked, the way they answer and how smartly they approach with
critical thinking.


selected candidates are hired and are briefed about their job description,
their role in the company.

are the steps involved in the recruitment process and if the recruitment
process is structured and framed well the company will have more productive
people, good relationship among the members, less absenteeism and the benefits
are more.


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