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The number of students who use unethical way of doing their
academic assignments has increased in the past decade. Modern students have
admitted to cheating in their academic sessions by using the technology to
succeed dishonestly. The cheat for many reasons. They mostly cheat because of
laziness or apathy. Some are attracted to cheat because of lack of interest in
the subject, lack of time or explanation. Technology development has allowed
the students to find new ways of cheating minimizing the risk of detection.
Plagiarism is the leading form of academic dishonesty and has been influenced
by the technological advancements.

This problem is increasing day by day and this can be solved by
reducing the pressure on students and the instructors must provide enough
relevant information about the assignment topics to the student so that they
figure out the time problem and devote themselves to work on assignments.

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Plagiarism is another major form of academic dishonesty and its
use has been increased in this decade. It is defined as the “unauthorized use
or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the
representation of them as one’s own original work” (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th ed.). ). With the dominance
of technology and the use of computers and the internet, plagiarism is
increased and is seen as a concern of academic integrity. The academic
institutes have made tough penalties for those students who plagiarize to
complete their assignments. Plagiarism ranges from copying the information from
other’s work exactly the same of paraphrasing the work by giving the citation
of the source. Plagiarism is also defined as submitting another’s work and
self-plagiarism. This problem is enhanced by the development of internet marketing
and they are selling term papers, research papers to the students. Many
websites also offer the services of preparing assignments and this has lead the
new ways of plagiarizing. The educators now use plagiarism detection software’s
to check the originality of the content. The internet companies which are
providing these services have countered it by providing original term papers (Buy Term Papers: Research Paper Solutions. ).

Modern students have applied the techniques and the latest
features of cellular technology to cheat in their academic sessions. Many
cellular phones have the access to different databases and during exams they
can be used dishonestly. Cellular phones bring new revolutions in the methods
of cheating. In the past the cheaters brought notes with them in the class to
use them in exams but today the method is changed. With the camera in cell
phones. This technology allows the student to cheat and make the photograph of
their notes and use them during exams (Walker). With the development of text
messaging students can communicate with each other and ask about anything
related to the exam questions. Students also use other technologies, including
MP3 players, calculators, earphones, pocket PCs and iPads to cheat. There are
many websites which show the new ways to cheat with the technology in the
academic sessions. To cope with this academic dishonesty problem many
institutes have banned iPods and other electronic devices (Associated Press,

Modern students justify their foul behavior by giving the
example of other unethical activities in the society. E.g. readers were shocked
to hear that the writer of the New York Times is plagiarizing the articles. This
report was highlighted by the media on the front page in the New York Times on
Mother’s Day 11 May 2003 (Barry).
This scandal pointed the dishonesty in the field of journalism and a dialogue
started between students and the professionals regarding the academic
dishonesty. Modern students are aware of technology and develops new methods of
cheating emplying the latest technology.

         Many students
don’t have time to do their academic assignments and they are always busy with
their hectic school or university schedule. It has also been seen that
sometimes the instructor doesn’t provide enough and practical application of
topics which can attract the student and force them to devote some time for the
assignment. With the increased academic pressure and expectations from parents
the modern student’s tries to do well by any mean to make their parents or
spouses proud.  Modern students, mostly
rationalize their unethical behavior, unwilling to disappoint parents by justifying
that cheating is the only way out of this pressure.

It is often justified that cheating ranges from laziness to
unwillingness by making some effort to learn the information. It has been seen
that many students feel lack of self-confidence and their lack of interest in
the subject is the stimulator of cheating.       

        Cheating is
defined as to deceive by trickery or to act dishonestly (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th ed.). ).One of the survey
showed that most of the students cheat in their academic sessions. And everyone
is responsible for his own actions of cheating.

dishonesty is defined as theft of ideas or other form of work, whether it is
published or not (Jones),
it occurs in many ways but cheating or plagiarism is most common. Student faces
problems on cheating and plagiarizing in their academic sessions. The past
generations were not known for cheating because the technology was not so
advance. In current period modern student takes advantage of unethical,
dishonest approach to pass in the academic papers. And with the advancement in
technology, students are finding new methods of cheating and innovating this
moral weakness. In this way they cheat themselves from the education.

dishonesty is on the rise because technological discoveries like the cellular
telephone, and with the evolution of the internet have given the students new
ways of cheating. The new form of cheating from internet is plagiarism and
recently there has been an increase in its popularity. Cheating has been
increased by the use of technologies, specifically internet companies have
provided unethical solutions to academic assignments.         

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