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The ‘Objecthood’ assignment allowed me to take a simple
object, and then manipulate it through abstraction, distortion and enlargement.
I explored how to change the function and meaning of a simplified, everyday


I found the prompt interesting as I was very drawn to the
word ‘significance’. Finding an
object that held significance to me at first stunned me. I overthought the
prompt, trying to find a compelling and symbolic object that would exude a
powerful message. Yet, I finally realized that ‘significance’ could be found in objects that were functional and
common. I decided that my object that I would replicate and manipulate would be
a fork. As I researched deeper into the history of forks, their importance and impact
on humanity became apparent. It’s widespread, everyday use seems to be taken
for granted, hence why I also wanted to highlight its value.

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I was excited to use cardboard to make these sculptures as
its typical rigid and inflexible exterior was something that intrigued me to
look further into manipulating. Its multitude of layers gave a depth and
dynamic to work with. I also think cardboard is unique for this project as it
completely impaired the use of forks, removing its functional purpose. As for distorting,
I wanted to make sure that I focused on enlarging the physical properties of
the object to emphasize its generic worth. The enlargement was also inspired by
Claes Oldenburg’s use of enlarging everyday items to a monumental scale. I also
decided to intertwine two forks to create a more diverse and compelling design.


The simple meaning behind this sculpture is to enhance the worth
of the simple object. However, as I looked deeper into the meaning, I felt that
the entanglement of fork tongs conveys an idea about connection. This strong,
united structure shows how the simplicity of a fork connects the world as its
common, everyday use is universal. This also alludes to the larger concept of
how the method of eating unifies people and communities.


I am pleased with my sculpture and outcome of the project
‘Objecthood’. I think that I accurately replicated the form and shape of forks,
as the dimensions and structure was realistic. My object conveyed a significant
meaning which was represented in the physical and conceptual properties. I like
how the forks are built up by many layers as it creates a more defined outline.
I also really like the final structure of the forks. I think there is a strong
sense of power that is shown by the forks being positioned as they are. This
unique stance creates a captivating final piece.


If I were to develop this project further, I would further
abstract and distort the shape of the fork. In my sketchbook, I explored
twisting and convoluting the structure of a fork, and I think it would be
interesting to experiment with that in 3D. Another exploration would be to
change the medium and see how that affects the sculpture. Also, if I were to do
this project again I would like to experiment with a more intricate object. I
love focusing on detail that I can study meticulously, producing a sculpture
that emits a juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength. I would enjoy
sculpting a series of smaller, more detailed objects.


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