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social media landscape is fascinating and ever-changing. New platforms emerge every
now and then to capture the attention of users and marketers alike. The
question successful social markers typically ask is “how do I achieve my
marketing goals on this platform?”


Facebook Messenger As Call Center

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over 1.3 billion users and improved advertising capabilities, Facebook
Messenger can be a promising platform for marketers to reach target audience on
mobile in 2018. Companies like KLM and Hyatt already use Facebook messenger for
booking management and customer service. In addition, marketing messages are
more effective when delivered on Facebook messenger than through traditional
emails, with significantly higher view rate and click-through-rate.


care and seamless social experience are at the center of Facebook Messenger.
With the help of AI-backed chatbots, brands can understand most of the
questions and provide useful answer in real time, providing value to followers
and prospect customers. If customer care aligns with the brand strategy, marketers
can begin to consider what a messenger social marketing or customer care
program could look like, if it fits with the brand objectives, and what type of
internal team resources would be required to ensure the success of such


healthcare marketers, there are a few specific things to consider before implementing
such program: it’s important to convey the value of the program, educate about
algorithm and structure, gain brand team alignment, receive MLR approval of the
program, regular audit to ensure compliance, and have regular access to platform
resources and support.


LinkedIn for HCP Marketing

is not a new social media platform. In fact, it will be turning 15 years old in
2018. It has evolved from a job-hunting platform to a content-first branding
and networking channel. With over 2 million doctors and nurses on LinkedIn, it
provides a special opportunity for healthcare marketers to effectively target
specific HCP segment, share information and messages, and drive awareness. The
key to success is to create enticing visuals and educational content that reach
the HCP audience while staying compliant with LinkedIn’s ad policies.

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