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The ottoman empire was one of the most powerful empires and groups from the 13th century to the 18th century. Their main target was to get as much land and resources as possible to gain world dominance. The ottomans spoke ottoman Turkish. The ottomans had two types of governments constitutional and absolute monarchy. Before the ottoman rule, the Arabian gulf was politically based on tribal system. The economy of the Arabian gulf depended on pearl trading and fishing.


The ottomans came to the gulf around 1870 to conquer the land and find resources, however in 1914 Britain came to the aid of Qatar. At the time, the leader of Qatar was Mohamed bin Thani. And his deputy sheikh jassim bin Mohammed bin thani welcomed the arrival of the ottoman empire in Qatar. He had his own empire against the Ottoman empire. The reason why the sheikh wanted the ottomans to enter the countries is because they wanted protection from a much larger empire especially the british.

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The ottomans had many leaders with divided armies around the gulf, some of the leaders are; Osman I (founder of the empire), Mehmed VI (he was one of the final leaders and was the sultan of the empire) & AbdulMecid II (the caliph of Islam).


The ottoman empire was completely abolished in 1922 but some members were still trying to revive the empire but all attempts proved to be useless in the end.


The ottoman empires goal was to rescue the Muslim countries specially from foreign attacks but they wanted to be the leaders and have control. The ottoman empire went on war against the Safavides in Persia and the Portuguese and the Arabian gulf. They also faced the Portuguese in the red sea, Arabian sea and the Indian ocean.




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