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The Renaissance period was marked in the European History between the 14th and the 17th centuries. It was referred to as the cultural bridge between the medieval times (Middle Ages) and the modern history. The New Renaissance however is believed to be alive and well in the present day that we live. We live in an age of the good and bad effects of human development and global entanglement. The twenty-first century will surely come to pass, whether as the best or the worst but it sure will make and leave its own mark in time.

      Yes I do believe that history repeats itself. As a matter of fact, I believe it is doing so as we speak. Our Neo-lithic ancestors were the first to move into cities 10,000 years ago. We are the first generation to enjoy the urban epoch. We have managed to experience 14 out of the 15 hottest years in our climate record all in the twenty-first century. The overall population of the world has increased with over 2 billion in the same century. Scientists alive in the present day have outnumbered those who were alive up to 1980 raising the life expectancy in the past 50 years more than it ever had in the previous 1000. The Internet had connected over half of the humanity well by 2016. The world we live in today is moving so fast that we literally have to run to stand still. The data itself of every-day change is evident enough that we are living in a different age.

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    Our Neo-lithic ancestors marked the beginning of this new age we live in today. Beginning in some parts of Middle East then to the rest of the world, the period was the beginning of farming and ended with metals being widely used. The term came from a Greek term literally meaning “New Stone Age”. With their advancements and knowledge came our era, which improved, altered and created even better technological and Scientifical advancements (Thomas, 2002).

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