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nurse is primarily responsible for their activities for those
patients who need care. He protects human life and promotes the
patient’s individual well-being. The nurse meets the patient as a
valuable person and creates a nursing culture that takes into account
the values, beliefs and habits of the individual.

belive that the nurse respects the patient’s self-determination and
provides the patient with the opportunity to participate in
decision-making about their own care. The nurse will keep
confidential the confidential information provided by the patient and
consider when discussing them with other patients.

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nurse takes appropraiate action to support and guide co-workers to
advance ethical conducts. Develop workplace systems that support
common professional ethical values and behaviour. Communicate nursing
ethics to other professions. Provide guidelines, position statements
and discussion for a related to safe guarding people when their care
is endangered by health care personnel.

nurse treats another person as a neighbor. He listens to the patient
and gets into this situation. The nursing care relationship between
the nurse and the patient is based on open interaction and mutual

nurse is acting fairly. Hopeful
treats every patient as well and according to each individual need,
regardless of the patient’s health problem, culture, religion, mother
tongue, age, gender, race, skin color, political opinion or social

co-operation with other related disciplines. Develop mechanisms to
safeguard the individual, family or community when their care is
endangered by health care personnel.

support each other in decision-making, care at work and professional
development. Nurses respect the expertise of their own and other
professional groups. Try to strive for good co-operation with other
patients involved in the treatment of the patient.

monitor that the members of their profession or other patients
involved in the treatment of the patient do not act unethically
towards the patient.

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