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The White House is a magnificent sight to behold. Massive
in size and grandeur, with security that makes the most secure banks in the
world look like a Toys R Us. It could intimidate any foreign dignitary, though
to Lysistrata it just reminded her of home. The powerful Athenian woman had
fallen asleep on a mattress in Ancient Greece but woke up in a booth of a
coffee shop just outside of Seattle, sometime early in the afternoon. She noted
that her clothes had changed to match her surroundings andwere made ofa
complicated cloth, plastered with an incredibly detailed picture on the
front.  Information flooded her mindabout
the world around her. Somehow, she knewwhere she was and howto work modern
technological marvels. The year was 2017 and the drinkin front of herwas called
a, “Macchiato.” Though the contents of which eluded her, she did know that it
was delicious. More importantly, however, she knew that injustice was happening
all around her and that she had to stop it.Similarly, just two days later, a time-displaced literary
legend had fallen asleep in a time long since passed and awoke in a strange
place. This time, however, it was a little less cozy as he woke up falling at
great speed. So high, in fact, that the ground below was just a spinning haze
of dots. His clothes flew off his massive body as he careened to the ground at
over two hundred miles per hour. Within seconds he could clearly see small
bodies of water littered across the landscape. Once again, modern day information flooded through an
ancient mind. He knew that he was in a place called Phoenix, Arizona and that
he was about to, rather dramatically, ruin a small childs pool party. Luckily,
they had all gotten out of the pool to eat something called a hot-dog (which,
to Gilgamesh, sounded rather gruesome as he could see the family dog now,
wagging it’s tail happily, unaware of its impending doom.) Suddenly, impact was
made. At this height, the water did little to cushion the crash and half the
water was almost instantly sent cascading around the backyard. However, the
being that exited the pool was no ordinary man. As he jumped out, dozens of
feet into the air, he laughed. Then he remembered the horrific ritual happening
before him. He grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist, picked up the dog,
and walked away. Though he didn’t know how he had gotten where he was, he knew
where he was going. There was power and glory to be had, and he had to take it.
For he is Gilgamesh, and he knows just where to look.Lysistrata had been camped outside of the White House for
14 hours straight now. And in that time she’s persuaded hundreds of passerby to
join her protest. It was slow at first, but the numbers grew exponentially the
more people joined. Whenever people would drift off or lose interest she would
give a rousing motivational speech. Her latest one had thousands of hits on
YouTube and was even covered by the news, though the cameras would have
something else to look at in a moment. A large bearded man, wearing nothing but
a beach towel, with a Labradoodle under one arm had arrived. His stature alone
made her group feel uneasy. Lysistrata knew this was the man she had been sent
here to see. She got down from the wall she stood on and strode over to him
with confidence and courage.
“You’re interrupting my movement,” she began, “But surely you could help draw
some interest. Have you ever felt-” That was as far as she got before the
man shoved the dog into her arms. “Take care of Enkidu, I will return soon,”
and with that he charged at the gate. What happened next was a massacre.             With only ten or so feet of runway he barged right through
the reinforced metal comprising the outer wall. Dozens of soldiers fell, their
weapons couldn’t touch him and even when they did, the damage was minimal.
Hundreds of protesters ran away, screaming in terror. Lysistrata was furious.
She charged at Gilgamesh and slapped him across the face. The soldiers ceased
their fire. Gilgamesh was bewildered. A smile crept across his face. “This is
not the way to create change,” the woman fumed. “I disagree. These men are unfit to rule the people,”
Gilgamesh gestured to the White House. “To rule a people, change must come from within.It can’t be
forcedupon them.””Citizens want power from their rulers. You can’t say that
one, just, all powerful ruler is not far superior to hundreds of unjust,
greedy, politicians all fighting for different things. What can take minutes
takes years for the leaders of this country to accomplish. I could have war
eradicated in weeks. Though, there are some things I would keep. Laws to govern
the commoners are, of course, necessary. And who should govern the weak but the
strong? Monuments would be made; my advisors would be treated like gods! The people
would be happy. The women would be very
happy. There must be millions of wives to be had on their wedding night.
Surely, you of all people can appreciate this.”Lysistrata’s face was a mixture of disgust, rage, and
shock. She smacked him again. “You would be an awful leader. Your selfishness
overrides any want for the safety of this people. Laws only work when they’re
fair. How would rich men know what is fair to a poor woman? Why should men have
any say in what women do with their bodies? How can they make laws for
situations they can’t comprehend? There are better ways to spend money than on
you and your pigs. You are too interested in yourself to be interested in
others. Women are not yours to be had. They are your equals, if not superiors,”
she drifts into deep thought, then an epiphany strikes. “Ah! I know what needs to be done. The system isn’t the problem. It’s
who runs it. There is much work to be done.” And with that, she
finds herself drifting off to sleep, to return back to her own time.


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