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The stocks I bought were Chevron Corp (An american Multinational energy corp, bought20 shares), Dollar Tree(The store where just about everything is $1, bought 4 shares),Gamestop(The game store where it’s a good place to buy games, but a terrible place to sell them,bought 20 shares), Starbucks( The coffee shop where they purposely misspell your name on yourcoffee cup, bought 20 shares ), Wendys(the really good fast food resteraunt that sells “freshnever frozen beef” burgers, bought 20 shares) and Target(The store you’d go for just aboutanything if you don’t want to look like a cheapskate for going to walmart, bought 10 shares).The method I had used for buying these stocks were to first look for popular brands andlook into their current price, and see if their price was either going up or down. I always went forthe brands that were currently losing their price because their price was already currently low,thus giving me a higher chance of getting a better price in the long run, which most of them did. Ialso tried to predict what might go up due to sales and such that may help the stocks raise theirprice.When i bought the stocks i had frequently looked at how their price was going up ordown. In the early run i had stupidly sold the stocks that were doing terribly. But for the rest ofHernandez 2the stocks i tried to think of cutting some loose if demotions were to take place in the future. Ihad also had saw the profit/loss percentage throughout the months.If i had known how poorly some of the stocks had performed i would’ve not purchasedsome of them and tried to replaced some of them with more popular brands like mcdonalds andwalmart. But for the ones that had did very well like Dollar Tree i would’ve bought more ofthem and focus more on those particular sticks and buy less of the ones that did ok.(2% profit orless)Purchasing stocks and bonds are not the only thing that you can do to save up forretirement, you could just get a job and work hard and set some money aside in a checkingaccount. You could also try to be an entrepreneur and invent your way into having a ton ofmoney. Like finding an alternative power source, which could replace fossil fuels and make youfamous and such. Giving money into a savings account can also help you save up for retirementby making some interest on the money you have in the savings interest.After completing the stock market game i have learned that buying and selling stocksCAN help you make a lot of money as long as you have really good knowledge in thecorporation that you are buying into. Buying stocks can help in the long run if for example youbuy into a very small business that is just starting out that is selling stocks and it just so happensa while after you buy some share into the business they happen to create something that instantlyexplodes the stock market (in a good way) and then your shares are now suddenly worth a lotmore than what you paid for, making you a lot of money. So in short, if you invest into the rightcompany, and you’re smart with how many shares you buy into stocks, you could probably retireat somewhere around your early 40’s.

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