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The second part of the production is the most danced part throughout Bausch’s version with ‘continuous chorography’ (Servos 1984), the men offer each woman a red dress in decision of who will be their victim of sacrifice. ‘Bausch’s work continually delivers messages about the societal conventions and human behaviour especially in regard to gender roles’ (O’Reilley2009).Pina Bausch devised theatre for her audience to think and question social society. In this segment the ladies are looked down on by the men, the ladies are articles to be relinquished by the male dominators, and the energetic and monotonous movement mirrors the frenzy of the ladies in front of an audience, their shortness of breath and depletion reproducing the submissive battle.Male dominance in the gender hierarchy is a natural function of masculine superiority and feminine inferiority…Machismo stresses norms valuing toughness, aggressiveness, risk taking, and virility, norms reflecting the dominating, coercive, or deconstructive power over self, other men, nature, and women. As a descendent of the ideology of the warrior, it emphasizes dominance, threat, and violence through hyper masculine physical action.                                                                                  (Bullough 1994, pg. 602)As Vern and Bonnie Bullough examine, that manly physical activity is intelligent of male cliché qualities, for example, quality, power, forcefulness, and control over other men and women. In contrast with Pina Bausch’s movement for the ladies, the utilization of stillness mimics the men’s higher status and the specialist they have, over-seeing the frenzy and dread they have made inside the women.The third moment in The Rite of Spring is the sacrifice, where the chosen woman dances herself to death. ‘Fear, anguish and despair are seen in this woman who finishes on the floor. These emotions could be seen as female fears about sex in a patriarchal society.’ (Bellusci2011, pg.4) The direction and generation estimation of the piece has made notorious pictures the men and women are incompletely dressed, covering themselves in peat all through the execution denoting their garments and bodies as they drive themselves through a frantic habitual. With the men being mostly dressed this can be viewed as being under control and radiates certainty, however in regards to the halfway bare ladies this can influence them to appear to be extremely vulnerable and exposed from audience’s point of view.The chosen one…stoo

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