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The subject that appeals to me is quantum mechanics and
particle physics. What interests me is the electron spin; to understand the
measurement of electron spin magnetic moment, Zeeman energy and hyperfine
structure splittings. Since the discovery of electron spin there has been
various attempts to understand anomalous Zeeman Effect and fine structure splitting’s
which is a direct consequence of electrons magnetic moment and orbital angular momentum.
This was done by taking the electron spin orbit effect but there has been an anomaly
in calculations of hydrogen fine splitting’s using g-factor (dimensionless magnetic moment) and the
problem occurs, if electron is considered as a classical sphere, the velocities
would be much larger than the speed of light and nothing can travel faster than
the speed of light as given by the special theory of relativity.

Later this has been further
given a correction by quantum electrodynamics using quantum
electrodynamic radiative effects but it has also ended up in an anomaly which
is termed as (ae).
The g factor and the anomaly have a relationship and they are related by an equation.
This anomaly ae can be reduced and as we know over decades physicists
has got an increase in precision in uncertainty of  ae magnitude. This anomaly has a major
effect on axial frequency shifts or the anomaly frequencies of electron and
positrons I hope to work and get a more precise value of this anomaly using the

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My concern is how we
can we calculate the precise measurement of magnetic moment and to reduce the uncertainty
in the anomaly of axial frequency shifts.  I would like to learn how the uncertainty in precision
of the anomaly values can be increased using ultra cold beam of particles.
Further laser-atomic beam measurement of the fine structure splitting that can
help us in achieving a precise value of  ae, as indicated in the theory of
quantum electrodynamics.



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