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The constant increasing applications of computers in technological development demandmore e?cient networking. Coming from a background of Computer Science Engineering? !have developed a fascination to probe into the arena of Networking in general and ComputerNetworks in particular which posses a challenging task in interconnecting PC”s and #aptops. This cultivated m$ interest to take Computer Science Engineering as m$ ma%or in m$graduate studies.! alwa$s put m$ endeavors and all out e&orts to e’cel in ever$ walk of m$ life. ( good careerin computer science and engineering can onl$ be built above the )rm foundation of a goodeducation. (part from the impressive infrastructure and research facilities o at*niversit$ of Te’as? the courses like +atabase s$stems? +ata Mining? Software Engineeringand ,perating S$stems reall$ interested me because ! believe that ! can speciali-e indatabases and data mining concepts with the knowledge that ! can gain from these courses.(bove all? it would be a blessing to be able to learn under the guidance of the professors at*niversit$ of Te’as. ! am e’cited about entering into this ne’t phase of m$ life and it is m$hope and belief that ! would be able to make a positive contribution to the *niversit$. There is a sa$ing? which sa$s? ?The onl$ thing Permanent in life is Change/. This perfectl$holds true to the world of Computer Science Engineering where novel ideas are not anovelt$. !t is this novelt$ that entices me to this )eld and gives me a deep sense ofprofessional pride. !n this conte’t? ! would like to pursue m$ graduation in Computer ScienceEngineering? which not onl$ supplements the knowledge that ! possess but also provides astrong platform for m$ future career aspirations and goals.! have alwa$s believed that one should never give up the habit of asking 0uestions and thishabit has been an important facet of m$ creativit$. ! seek to invent new ideas b$ appl$ingthe basic principles of an e’isting theor$ in uncommon wa$s.1owever? ! found that ! have no uncertaint$ in proceeding along a path that ! have beenplanning over the last 2 $ears. ! have originated from a famil$ where the highest priorit$ wasalwa$s given to good education. 3lessed with schooling from one of the premier institutionsof !ndia? the Sat$a Sai 4id$a 4ihar in 4isakhapatnam? ! was strongl$ motivated to pass m$ 5class e’ams with over 678 marks.(fter successful completion of m$ school studies? ! got admitted to Nara$ana !!T (cadem$ ?which is one of the most reputed Colleges in (ndhra Pradesh? to which State ! belong .!obtained over 9:.; 8 marks in the !ntermediate < plus Two = e'ams. #ater ! %oined the >!T(M!nstitute of Technolog$? a?liated to the >!T(M *niversit$ in 4isakhapatnam? which is a topclass *niversit$ in !ndia in general and m$ native state (ndhra Pradesh in particular. ! tookComputer Science Engineering as m$ ma%or in the undergraduate program. +uring thecourse of the stud$ ! was e’posed to various sub%ects like ?C”? Computer Networks? @ava and+ata Structures and gained a lot of e’pertise in them? etc.

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