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The Allied air raids were not ethical because they were an act of genocide towards innocent people. The bombing happened in the city of Dresden, Germany. According to, “Dresden was neither important to German wartime production nor a major industrial center”( Staff). Innocent and uninvolved citizens were killed for no legitimate reason except to prove to a point. “An estimated at somewhere between 35,000 and 135,000 were dead”( staff). Killing all of these civilians was not only unethical but unnecessary. The Allied air raids were not ethical because they were just an attempt to terrorize Germany to the extent to get an early surrender from the Nazis.
2. Theft is never right because you can always get what you want or need without stealing. If the world tolerated stealing like Liesel did, no one would ever care for anything because it might be stolen. “She hated questions like that. They forced her to admit an ugly truth, to reveal her own filthy, thieving nature. ‘Because I stole again'”(Zusak, 127). When Liesel stole a book from the book burning, she felt so guilty that she confessed what she did. Stealing that book was very dangerous for her foster family, especially during that time, and she knew what she was doing was wrong. Theft is never right because it effects not only the people around you, but yourself also.
3. Social media is a current societal trends that is dangerous. Social media has the power to control the user in many ways. “But in the social network world, it seems that any kind of comparison is linked to depressive symptoms”(Walton). Social media makes people want to compare or measure up to others, and trying so hard to be like another can lead to depression. “Their recent follow-up study found that when people stop using, they also undergo small but measurable physiological effects” (Walton). Social media is also addictive, people have had physiological effects when it was taken away from them. Social media is a current trends that is dangerous because people find them selves comparing themselves to one another, and it may also be addictive.

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