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The integration experience is used as the framework to
approach any problem. When exposed to information from sources of multimedia
such as news media, newspapers, TV, and Internet the information helps to
analyze what happened, where, when, how, who was involved, etc. In stock market
the information is provided on daily basis as a snapshot. This kind of
information is referred to as event level. In cases such as news or issue the
analysis is done by checking with history such as its trends and any problem
that had the same pattern. It provides more detailed information for the
situation to be analyzed in much effective way. In stock market example, this
information is obtained by considering past year data, that would have caused
the variation in the system.

However, it is not common for a study to show the trends and
pattern relation and how they affect one another. It requires a much deeper
thinking to show how the different factors bring the outcome on each
observation (Wolstenholme, E.F., 1990). The stock market example
mentioned earlier can be related, to have the proper analysis the factors that
causes the fluctuating patterns should be related with the host to understand
the situation. The factors shall be economic, social, political or structural.
The four levels of thinking that influence the behavior are events, patterns,
systematic structures, mental models. The mental models and the archetypes
influence the individuals and organizations way of thinking on how things work
and does not work. This level is inadequate for understanding the dynamics
underlying change and complexity in the world around us.

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This paper includes the case study of system dynamics with dynamic simulation
modelling of, “Business policy issues for a strategic business unit in
telecommunications industry,” along with the methodology and scenarios. The
focus is on the application of scenario planning and modelling. The policies
and strategies are developed and tested in environmental settings. Policy
refers to single internal variable such as hiring, quality, or price and
strategy refers to the combination of policies that shall be internal or controllable. When these strategies are tested under varying external conditions, this is referred
to as scenario modelling.

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