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The young boy was watching his father be dragged away by two large men in black suits with glasses to cover their eyes. The male tried to pull himself up his ears ringing and bleeding, all he could hear in his head was to save his father.His mind was telling him to stand but his body wouldn’t push or budge feeling hopeless he started to scream out for his father, “Pappa!Pappa!”. Before long a young female ran to his side; his sister.  She picked him up slightly dragging him away and back into a small pit.Before long his eyes would shutter open again in a small bunker above the ground war sirens blaring above as the ground around and above him shakes violently before settling.He calmly stood up looking around before turning on the radio to only hear static for a few brief seconds before cutting to silence than to someone shouting over the mic that the war has started between the United States and North Korea, The young boy then slowly got up before looking around holding the wall his ears still ringing slightly.He then slowly pushed himself up from the wall grunting slightly stepping lightly on his left leg depending more on his right leg. He softly sets his right hand to the cement wall dragging it across it gently to pull himself along the way, he then softly grasps his pocket knife in his left hand.The noises coming from above frightened him. Before long he slowly opened the door leading into the main area of the shelter holding the knife up his hand shakes violently looking around from the corner to see a hunting body? it couldn’t be, could it? Before he had time to think the large body flipped around standing on all fours, The large rat would hiss and charge at the male he draws his knife back swinging it about in random motions hoping to scare it off.He then lodged it into the right side of the rat’s thick skull wedging it around inside the skull as it started to convulse.He caught his breath for a few minutes stumbling back before crashing into the steel cabinets as he breathes heavily he brought himself back up to his feet heels first before landing flat to his feet holding the cabinet for support before looking around to get his surroundings.Slowly stepping over to the kitchen room he drew a large door open looking inside for any type of weapons he could find, Anything stronger than his dull and fragile pocket knife.He dug a decent sized kitchen knife from the area as he slowly drags himself back up grunting again slightly looking to his left leg the leg was fractured, He knew he had to set it back into place and wrap it to hold it still, He looked around for something to wrap it.

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