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Magna Carta is also referred to as the “Great Charter”. The Magna Carta was
signed on June 15, 1215 by England’s King John. According to an article located
on ABC CLIO the principle of the Great Charter is the supremacy of Law, meaning
that the Great Charter says that instead of being governed by one person like a
monarchy or in a dictatorship, the nation should govern itself. Our government
took notes on this and we are now in a democracy where we the people can make
decisions on how our government runs.

            The purpose of the Magna Carta was to make everyone, from
regular civilians all the way up to the people who had the most power, follow
the laws. According to the article on ABC CLIO by Michael R. Fitzgerald and
John M. Scheb II, Sir Winston Church once said, “In future ages it was to be
used as the foundations of principles and systems of government of which
neither King John nor his nobles dreamed.” 
King John and other high leaders would never have believed that common people
of their land would be involved in government and able to help make the laws of
the land.  They certainly would not have
believed that leaders such as themselves would have to follow the laws just
like the lower-class or average people of the community.  Leaders would most certainly be above the

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            According to another article from ABC CLIO by Lawrence
Morris, he states that “Renaissance kingship was still rooted in the ‘divine
right of kings.’ According to this belief, kings had been granted the right to
rule by God himself” This means he could do or rule however he wanted, and it
would be okay, but when a citizen of the kingdom committed a sin it was a sin
of God also.” The citizens also had to accept his rule no matter how
humiliating. People in todays time in the United States would not stand for
this in our government. Since we have the Magna Carta as part of our government’s
foundation, we do not have to worry about the problem of our president not
following the laws that our people are required to follow.

            In conclusion, our government would not be able to
function if the ideas that are in the Magna Carta were never proposed. It is
very important in our way of government because we need to make sure our
leaders are following the laws.  
Otherwise, our leaders would overpower us, and we would go back to being
ruled by a king under a monarchy or, even worse a dictatorship. This would
demolish the foundation that our forefathers built our great country upon.  It would be devastating to our country and
the people of the United States and would eliminate the very thing that makes
this country great.



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