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The world in which we currently exist today is truly a mysterious place. Although our lives may be filled with hardships, the indescribable beauty found within our world is undeniable. For every harrowing tragedy that takes place and weighs heavy upon the soul, there exists numerous acts of kindness shared amongst humanity which restore faith. This kindness is found in the simple acts of the selfless who exude altruism and convince us of the good nature of mankind. Although throughout history darkness has sought to blot out the light in humanity through horrific incidents such as wars and intolerance, that which is pure has always continued to prevail. Within Will Cain’s insightful article, “Is Man Inherently Good or Evil”, he argues and supports his belief regarding the intrinsically good-hearted nature of mankind. The Boston Marathon Bombings were grotesque at their core and resulted in the dismemberment and injury of many innocent people. Upon occurring, the world watched in alarm as bystanders ran for their lives and medical teams frantically rushed to the bloody scene. This act of terror succeeded in unnerving the minds of many Americans and forcing them to question their safety/security. However, amongst the midst of cries, heroes emerged from the ashes. Citizens such as Carlos Arredondo selflessly put themselves in grave danger for the sake of helping other victims. It was only through the actions of people like Arredondo that others were able to be aided until medical assistance arrived. It is this instance that Cain seeks to highlight. Although evil remains a prominent force in our world, kindness transcends. Using this historic event, Cain initiates his argument that mankind is inherently good as John Locke had once asserted. Within his article, he expresses understanding of why people are prone to adopt the viewpoint of Hobbes which states that man is consumed by selfishness. Those who believe this Hobbesian ideology reason that morality exists for the sole purpose of controlling the human tendency towards self interest. They believe that citizens of a society follow rules out of fear that others may turn on them should the opportunity to subdue the other present itself it. This is the “condition of Man” which Hobbes goes through great lengths to explain. In this type of world, people live in a cold war setting believing that it will be beneficial to them in the long term if they and their neighbor reward that which benefits society and punish that which does not. If this is not done, chaos will be certain to ensue. This Hobbesian theory of human nature is not one Cain agrees exists in accordance with reality. Cain takes on the theory of John Locke which asserts that in most circumstances, mankind is prone to peace, the good of all, and the honoring of obligations. He quotes actor Patton Oswalt who relates mankind to the immune system; “like white blood cells attacking a virus”, the purehearted unite in order to promote virtue and destroy malice (Cain 1). Cain goes on to discuss an even more significant statement regarding the place of evil in a world of good people. Even “If it’s one person or a HUNDRED people” who commit heinous acts against the wellbeing of man, these crazed few do not define humanity as a whole (Cain 1). Their actions may have demanded enormous attention and caused widespread fear, however these people are isolated in society. They do not have the support of the world behind them, and the world will not stop until they have been held accountable for their actions and stopped. I wholeheartedly agree with the argument that all men are good at heart. I believe that just as organisms are capable of evolving, so too does mankind have that capacity to grow in morality and seek morality in itself for its virtue. Humans have realized that society would collapse and survival would be impossible if all people were evil. If this were not the case, all people would have evolved to become vicious savages in pursuit of power. However, no matter what war or atrocity has occurred, man has fought to put an end to said evil and place precautions to prevent it from occurring again. Mankind is a social creature who continues to thrive through seeking the greater good for all peoples.When faced with a social horror, rational people are prone to reacting with repulsion. It is uncommon for people to rejoice at the misfortune of innocent people. This is because each person is instilled with an innate sense of justice and knowledge of that which is good/evil. The moral majority seeks the just treatment of others. There are certain universal moral truths that mankind naturally aligns itself with. For example, those who are viewed to be weak/helpless by society (children, the poor, the sick, etc.), are sought to be protected simply because it is good to aid others. In conclusion, we seek to treat others as we would like to be treated because mankind has recognized this as our moral obligation. It is mutually beneficial to each person to act with compassionate responsibility towards the other. As a result of this knowledge, mankind has strove to protect others and promote peace/prosperity throughout all time.

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