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The demand
of industries is the main factor in selection of metal gasket specifically lens
ring to ensure that no leaking occurred at each joint between seal and flange
hence it is function perfectly. Spherical sealing faces of lens ring gaskets is
designed to provide a high temperature or pressure metal to metal seal and to
fit mating flanged recesses As with all RTJ type gaskets, the lens ring, weld
neck is available in standard RTJ gasket materials and made to DIN standards as
a result it should be softer than the flange material.

of material is a concernin a material of strain levels is beyond the portion of
the stress-strain curve that can reasonably be approximated as linear whenever
the response at the operating loads. The deviation of curves in many materials
has small amounts from linear for large amounts of strain so that, with all the
other uncertainty in the model, model of nonlinear material would be little
value. On the other hand, with a linear approximation the roughest trend
studies can be made only by many curves deviate from linear almost immediately
to such a degree. Material model of nonlinear is defined by specifying their
stress-strain curvesin common engineering materials. A stress-strain curve
mostly is represented only the tensile response. It is state to be symmetric when
a material has the similar response in tension and compression. A good example
of asymmetric stress-strain behaviour is cast iron as it is poor in tension but
stronger in compression.

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As a result, the stress at joint between lens
ring and flange is analysed by using Finite Element Method. The leaking
condition and the flow that experience inside the pipe can be determine by
value of stress or vice versa.Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is performed bythe
Finite Element Method (FEM) which is a numerical technique used in any given
physical phenomenon. In order to quantify and understand comprehensively any
physical phenomena, for example thermal transport, structural or fluid
behaviour, the growth of biological cells and wave propagation it is necessary
to use mathematics.By using Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) most of these
processes can be described. However,numerical techniques have been developed
over the last few decades for a computer to solve these PDEs and one of the
most prominent today is the Finite Element Method.

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