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The benefits of
personal and professional development affect 3 different areas which are for
the individual, the organisation, and future career prospects.

For the individual, it
would be making sure that you can improve things that may be flagged up on
personal development reviews. For instance, if you have on a personal review
that flags up you have trouble with communicating with team members then you
may want to go on communication courses or even go to a seminar.

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For the organisation,
it means that the staff can improve their abilities and productivity. It helps
with the ability to change and grow the business and help avoid high staff

For career prospects,
it means that what you do in the now will affect the future. For example, if
you want to grow and move into a financial specific role from a generalist you
would have to do courses. That is how development needs both professional and
personal affects your future career.

available for development are always out there, you don’t necessarily need to
think training is the only opportunity and there are both internal and external
opportunities there. Some of the opportunities are networking, internal and
external classes, mentoring, conferences, volunteering and various other
things. These opportunities can help you progress within your role and as an

Examples of
development opportunities would be networking. The reason why this is a
development opportunity is because when you network you can meet people who can
help. Progression is part what you know, part who you know. If you have someone
who knows that a role has opened and knows that you would be a perfect fit for,
they may be able to help you up sell yourself so that you would be able to
obtain the position.

Courses are also a
good way of development. The benefits are typically known as you are improving
your skills and knowledge but the other side to this is that you are taking the
opportunity to move forward. For example, if you decide that you want to learn
extra languages this doesn’t just reflect well as having another skill but it
also shows that you are dedicated, conscientious, and eager to learn. Because
of this it helps promote you as a person as well as your skills.

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