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The advent of technology with the increase in no. of users acquainted with technological advances has flooded the world with the growth in demand to process and analyze the impeccable. I am very excited at the prospect of devoting my long-term career to such a dynamic, fast advancing field. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed messing around with computers and especially spent my entire time polishing my gaming skills. Because I lived my own whole life  with the rise of the modern computing industry, I can sense that there are still tremendous developments to come in this field. I have chosen Computer Science as my university major, and now, as my undergraduate studies are nearing its end, it is my central goal to continue my education in a more competitive, elite, and international environment.The one logical destination for my postgraduate studies: the UK, a country where I can further flourish in English as well as gain unparalleled knowledge. Studying overseas in the UK will thus give me not only a greater range of professional skills but also a much broader, more international perspective. Therefore, I am applying to join your MSc. in Computer Science program, commencing this 2018. I am convinced that l am prepared for the challenges of studying in your master’s program.My general and academic experiences have thus far provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas. In my high schooling, I was pretty decent in subjects related to physics, biotechnology, and chemistry. I was fortunate during this time to have my family encourage me to continue broadening my scientific understanding and developing my analytical skills. As a result of their guidance and advice, I chose to major in Computer Science in SRM Easwari Engineering College under the subjugation of Anna University.As an undergraduate, I found that I deeply enjoyed jibber-jabbering about gaming and messing around with the latest hardware technologies, and also with my strong mathematics background I performed very well in courses concerning calculus, statistics, differential equations, etc. I was even coined the term as a “human calculator” by my fellow friends because my enhanced speeds in basic calculations. Mathematics has always been special in my field because it has improved my understanding of numbers in so many ways. Now, in addition to my specialized knowledge of computer science, I have an appreciation for the irresistible urge for having fun with computers and the nearly endless possibilities for further study.My 4 years of college life went by in a flash leaving me to have an in-depth knowledge as well as memories. In the final year, my project team and I went through a huge gamble of remodeling and optimizing the Google Maps, i.e. spending our days researching through several papers to unravel the hidden truth behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I have always loved solving hidden secrets and unnatural phenomenon’s.In addition to the courses that I have taken, I have attended tournaments related to competitive gaming as well as presentations/conferences given by our pristine fellow Indian professionals. I wish to be comfortable in adapting to new situations and interacting with people, who are different from me, qualities which will be tremendously useful when studying in the UK. Furthermore, when my hometown was devastated by a natural disaster (floods due to cyclones), I volunteered to help the victims as a fellow citizen in raising money and providing food and other supplies as needed. Apart from the enhanced communication and leadership skills this experience offered me, what I most value is my newfound understanding of society and my interaction towards my own folks. Finally, I was a music artist and a full-time online fanatic, outside my university, a role I took on in order to meet new people and learn a new range of skills. I am proactive and highly motivated at learning new skills and experiencing new things. This is precisely why I have decided to continue challenging myself by studying for a master’s degree in the UK and push forward to finding more about myself.Regarding the future, I plan absorb what I learn in the UK and apply it to the development of computing industry in my native country. This industry is rapidly growing and shows great potential, yet compared to other advanced countries, it is still in its infancy. Achieving and flourishing in my field of interest has been my prior long-term goal. By studying in your master’s program and possibly working in the UK in order to nurture my work experience, I believe in having the expertise, the perspective, and the experience necessary to lead our industry to a new era. 

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