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The France revolution had an influenced impact on fundamental social, political and economic which changes the history of France and Europe. The impact of the revolution were also both side on advantages and disadvantages in the history.
      There are, undoubtedly, several advantages to consider when looking at the impact of the French Revolution. As a first point is the destruction of social classes as the French revolution destroyed the social discriminative class system in France and declared equality for all. The revolution came up with the equality before the law,  career open to talents, such as appointment and promotion were to based on talents and ability, and participation in elections or certain government positions based on property qualifications. This led to the rise of the middle class who had acquired education to positions of responsibilities. Moreover, the main result of the French Revolution was that the French people acquired many human rights. The constitutional came out with the document of human rights. It granted political liberty, as freedom of speech, press, association, worship, and ownership of property— The declaration of Human Rights. More importantly is that constitution and rule of law, France got her first written constitution due to the French Revolution and it was also the first written constitution of the European continent. The constitution clearly separated the executive, the judiciary, and legislature.  The constitution reduced the king’s excessive powers and gave the right of franchise to the citizen of France. 
      Another benefit of the revolutionary is the end of Bourbon Monarch rule, the Bourbon monarchy that had ruled France for over 400 years came to end by the French revolution. The monarchy rule was abolished in 1792 then the French Revolution destroyed their very existence. It replaced with a constitutional form of Government. Although the Bourbon monarchy was restored by the great powers after the downfall of Napoleon, it could not survive beyond 1830 because the monarchs were already weakened by the changes caused by the French revolution. In addition, administrative changing, France became a multiparty state as a result of the 1789 French revolution. The freedom of association led to the rise of political clubs such as the Jacobins, cordilliers, Giirondin Fauvillants that competed for power. The revolution gave France a functional parliament with representatives who are democratically elected. The French men were able to participate in the governing of their country. And these parties also kept the government in check and balance by criticising bad policies. Besides, many public welfare works were launch sine French Revolution. New roads and canals were constructed. New dams and bridges were built. The land was reclaimed from marshes for farming. The economic infrastructure was improved to promote the trade. The agriculture was modernised. Such improvements brought stunning changes in the economic strength of France. In the same way, the condition of farmers improved because the revolution ended the feudal system, which liberated the farmers from the burden of unnecessary taxes. Thus, the farmer did not have to pay the taxes to the landlords and the religious tax to the church. And yet, France made various achievements in the field of art, science, and literature during French Revolution. Numerous schools, colleges, universities, and academies were launched in the country. The special attention was paid to art, literature, science, mathematics, technology, and physical training in the field of education.
      On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of the impact of the French Revolution, it is undeniable that revolution leads to the loss of lives and property, especially, during the reign of terror.  There were huge massacres of nobles, clergy and other important people as such King Louis, Marie Antoinette, Murato, Danton, Robespierre were destroyed beyond repair during the course of the revolution. One clear result of the revolution is the Economic decline in France which led to the general downturn in the level of economic activities, breaking progress in agriculture, trade, industrial sector, transport and communication especially during the reign of Terror. This led to unemployment, inflation, poverty, starvation, and famine. Last but not least, revolutionary ideas of the French revolution were great threats to other powers and monarchs in Europe. The revolution, hence, led to a terrible relationship between France and other states. Therefore, Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria and other countries allied against France in order to prevent the spread of revolutionary ideas to their countries.
      Additionally, there were also some aspects impact of the French Revolution on Europe and England specifically to be considered.
      Regarding the impact of Europe, responses and reactions, in term of Russia, Spain, Austria, and Turkey remained unaffected by the French Revolution. In contrast, Poland, and Ireland were encouraged the revolutionary activities of the French Revolution. The Revolution also influenced the middle class of Germany and Italy. Furthermore, the autocrat rulers became concern about the rising trend of revolution in different countries hence they joined to check the spread of the revolution which encouraged Europe to anti-revolutionary wars. Following after defeating Napoleon, the European nations announced the Concert of Europe, aimed at maintaining the status and reinstatement of European royal families. It was also accompanied by the reactionary policies against the revolutionary movements in European countries.
      The impact of the French Revolution on Britain, they against it when the Britishers watched the bloodshed which followed the revolution. However, the main message of liberty, fraternity and equality arrested the attention of the British. They started various movements for social and political reforms. Then the social reform movements started as a result of French Revolution divided the Whig party. The division due to ideas of French Revolution weakened the Whig party of Britain. As well as financial crises in Britain which started supporting the anti-revolution parties. It also extended them the monetary help. Britain also suffered because the economic blocked launched by Napoleon. It increased the financial liabilities and citizens were led to suffering the load of extra taxes. The success of French Revolution also encouraged the revolutionary of Ireland. They increased their revolutionary activities made British government was forced to adopt oppressive measures in Ireland. Besides, The issue of French Revolution became the subject matter of the English poets, essayists, and political commentators.

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