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The most important times we have is our childhood. In order to have a great childhood we ALL have to do some bad things in our life. Our younger days determines who we’ll be in the future either you had a boring life or not. Children shouldn’t go to a horrific places such as prison to spend and waste the rest of their lives in there. The Supreme Court surcease the death penalty for children under 18. Children are too young to face violent people in prison and face challenges they’ve never dealt with. Young adults have a chance to redeem themselves to be a better person but mainly to better themselves. A reasonable punishment like an house arrest can help juvenile delinquents learn the value of a second shot in life and learn the true value of “immaturity”.  sentencing children to prisons shouldn’t be tolerated due to the fact that they’re just young kids. “Unlike many other countries, California allows juvenile offenders to be sentenced as adults and be placed to an adult prison, maximum-security level 4 prison. Which can be enormously terrifying for young adults. Though this happens, courts briefed that children are much different than adults and must be treated differently. In 2005, the Supreme Court banned the death penalty for juvenile delinquents because children under 18 are immature, irresponsible, have the advantage to grow out the crimistal stage and aren’t prone to peer-pressure. However, courts apply these statements but children are still being sent to prison and are being served with no justice.” (Gary Scott)  Children don’t belong in prisons nor jails. According to Washingtons editorial post, children that are confined, is not a great way to prevent repeat offenses. But when they have to be incarcerated, they need protection, stability and education. Teens aren’t fully mature enough to face the real world; research shows that their brains aren’t as capable of moral reasoning and impulse control as adults in their old or mid-20s. Young adults don’t have the right mindset as adults in their environment, which means their gullible to peer pressure and other bad influences. According to Thomas Grisso, a psychologist at the university of Massachusetts Medical School, briefs “in the worlds of one ‘get tough’ advocate, juvenile offenders’ are criminals who happen to be young, not children who happen to be criminals”.   

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