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The description of this career ,(my chosen career of inventing”), which can be easily summed up by this description from, “Many inventors work part-time as inventors and spend the rest of their time in jobs as engineers, corporate research scientists, or in academia. Still, it’s a good idea which can be worth pursuing”Basically, to sum this up is that the job is a great one because it is one meant to better the world like most people like me want to do.The reason it betters the world is because the new technology helps people thereby helping the world while making things better on everyone.To me that makes this career that is layered in Science,Technology,Engineering,and Math.Here is my version of describing this career:The job of inventing is wonderful.The rewards are plentiful because you get to interact with many people,touch many people’s lives,make life easier for yourself and others,possibly find cures for diseases like cancer,aids,and other seemingly incurable diseases.To me those are reasons that would make me inclined to be a great inventor who will wipe out cancer and other diseases while also working to equip the world with better technology, make labor easier,make it where it is easier on everyone.It may be a difficult job but a well rewarding one too.So though it may seem difficult don’t give up on it since it could help many people possibly even including you though at the time of creation you would probably not think so. Which makes it interesting how not many people choose inventing as a job. There are dangers to this job like any other  job that include death by burns,smoke inhalation,acid,and more.And there are greater rewards like helping people keep their loved ones,cure diseases,and simply enjoy the tech and items you used when creating whatever/however you created it since creation is a long,beautiful,awesome,and just all in all a great thing to do.

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