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The topic is about the Arab Revolt during World War I, where the British Empire helped small bands of Arab Bedouin tribes to reclaim their lost land by the Ottoman Empire. The many victorious battle during the Arab revolt by T. E. Lawrence and the Arab forces has shown strength by the allied forces against the Ottoman Empire, which surrendered by having a treaty with the British not too long after, allowing the Allies winning World War I. “I am authorised to give you the following pledges on behalf of the Government of Great Britain, and to reply as follows to your note: That subject to the modifications stated above, Great Britain is prepared to recognise and uphold the independence of the Arabs in all the regions lying within the frontiers proposed by the Sharif of Mecca.” – James McMahon. “Significant Quotes Related to the Balfour Declaration.” The Balfour Project, This message by James McMahon, a soldier in the war made a promise to Hussein Bin Ali, to tell that the British Empire is supporting the Arab people regain their independence. It is about a 100 years from now, conflict grows between the Allied powers and the Central powers. During the beginning of the war, the Ottoman Empire joined the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austro-Hungary by signing the Turco-German Alliance on August, 1914. On the opposing side of the war was the Allied powers, which consists of the British Empire, France, Russian Empire, United States, Kingdom of Italy, and other allies. The war started by the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand from Austria Hungary. Soon after the assassination, Germany declared war on France and Russia. As years progressed during the war, the United States declared war on the Central Powers because Germany sank a US cargo ship when it was delivery goods to Britain. President Wilson finally declared on April 6, 1917. In the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire ruled all of the land, which affected the people living there from taking their independence. Soon, Hussein Bin Ali or Sharif of Mecca, created the Arab revolt to take the Ottoman Empire down and regain their independence. The British wanted to help the arab people because, the British declared war on the Ottoman Empire since it was allied with Russia which got bombed by the Ottomans. An important person during this time period who helped the Arab Bedouin tribes was Thomas Edward Lawrence. Thomas Edward Lawrence was sent to the middle east before the war and he loved the Arab culture by speaking the language. In December 1914, he was sent to Cairo and was ordered to help the British secure the Suez Canal against the Ottomans in the beginning of January 1915. This was a vital battle in the Middle East. Soon after, Lawrence had been involved with secret negotiations with helping the Arab Bedouin tribes and supplied the British with weapons. Thomas Edward Lawrence was given the name “Lawrence of Arabia” from his success. “We lived many lives in those whirling campaigns, never sparing ourselves; yet when we achieved, and the new world dawned, the old men came out again and took our victory to re-make in the likeness of the former world they knew.” – T. E. Lawrence.  “T. E. Lawrence Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore, This quote shows the neverending battles T. E. Lawrence his allies had to go through until being victorious and changing the world for the people living in the middle east.During the war, the Ottoman Empire held groups of Arabian lands together, including the Sinai Desert. A person named Hussein Bin Ali who was a Hashemite leader initiated the Arab revolt. The Arab revolt was an uprising from the loss freedom from many people that lived there. “This Arab Awakening includes every Arab who is honest in belonging to his homeland and loyal to his people.” – Hussein Bin Ali. I chose this quote because, it tells about the Arab revolt uprising and the people who lived their with Hussein, who was the person that started the revolt. On July 6, 1917, there was a battle during the city of Aqaba where the British were successful on attacking the Ottoman defenders. During this battle the British and Arab tribes were lead by T.E. Lawrence and Auda abu tayi, a leader from one of the Arab Bedouin tribes. This was very important because before this fight many Arabs had lost more battles. Throughout the whole war within the Middle East, about 3,271,000 Ottomans lost their lives, and 250,000 were missing or imprisoned during World War I. In addition, the British also had 1,244,000 deaths, and about 200,000 were missing or imprisoned. Since the Ottomans suffered many attacks from the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire surrendered not too long after, inflicting further alliances with the central powers resulting with the Allies winning the war. In addition, the Ottoman Empire soon fell after World War I. After countless battles during the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire finally surrendered due to many losses and economic problems back home. After they surrendered, the Ottoman Empire signed a treaty to the British called the Treaty of Sèvres, which gave all rights to the people living in Arab Asia and North Africa. In May, 1916, the British made secret plans with the Russians and the French by having an agreement called the Sykes-Picot Agreement that ultimately dismembered the Ottoman Empire into modern day Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. The Sykes-Picot agreement was named after François Georges-Picot and Mark Sykes, the French and British diplomat. The Sykes-Picot Agreement states that French and British government would help and protect the arab people against the Ottoman Empire. In addition, it also said they would protect the arab’s states freedom. The Arab revolt was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire since the Arab Bedouin tribes were allied with the British empire accompanied with captain Thomas Edward Lawrence. In addition, the Ottoman Empire was already crumbling many years before the war by loss of land.Since the Ottoman Empire surrendered to the British, it affected the central powers by not having a strong ally which made them of lose the war. A few years later, the Ottoman Empire collapsed because of the economy and land by the Sykes-Picot Agreement. The Central Powers were given punishment to the Allies after the war, especially Germany and many empires were separated into many countries. For example, the Austro-Hungarian Empire were split into Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and Bosnia. “So here ends my connection with the Arab revolt . . . but at least we have made a nation, and a few little groups of staff-officers have done so much. The rest is for the gods.” – T. E. Lawrence. “Creating Chaos: Lawrence of Arabia and the 1916 Arab Revolt.” HistoryNet, 11 Mar. 2016, This quote tells about the victory of the Arab people during the war with T. E. Lawrence leaving and going back home. Ever since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Arab people were given freedom. As for Thomas Edward Lawrence, he dedicated himself of being a writer. He has made many books such as “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. A few years later, Thomas Edward Lawrence soon died on May 19, 1935. Lawrence’s legends are still thriving today. “Our schemes for the betterment of the Middle East race are going nicely: thanks. I wish I hadn’t gone there: the Arab are like a page I have turned over: and sequels are rotten things: do you want to make a happy ending to a tragedy? On paper it isn’t virtuous, but in flesh and blood? I wish I knew.” – T. E. Lawrence. Florence, Ronald. Lawrence and Aaronsohn: T.E. Lawrence, Aaron Aaronsohn, and the Seeds of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. DIANE Pub., 2009. I chose this quote because it shows the elements of a book, since T. E. Lawrence was a writer. Because of the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and the loss of the Central powers during World War I, it affected Germany by having to pay the damages they caused which affected the economy. In a few more decades, Germany would rise again to bring another conflict, or the second world war. In addition, since the Ottoman Empire divided into different countries, there has been many conflicts in that area. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still happening today and terrorist groups of Isis.In conclusion, the Arab Revolt during World War I, made a huge outcome on the Ottoman Empire. Many battles took place especially the battle of Aqaba which was one of the major fights that took place during the Arab revolt. There were many casualties on both sides, including millions of deaths, injuries, and imprisoned. Thomas Edward Lawrence was a big influence in the Middle East, who guided the Arab tribes to take down the Ottoman Empire by supplying them with weapons and gold. Also Hussein Bin Ali was another important person during this time because, he was the one who started the Arab revolt. After the war, the Ottoman Empire eventually collapsed splitting into different countries we know today and the people living in the middle east gained their independence.

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