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The play Othello opens with Iago, the villain, complaining to his acquaintance, Roderigo, about being passed on a promotion by Othello, the prestigious Moor of Venice, who has given the lieutenant position to Cassio. A man Iago considers to be inferior in both qualifications and experience:QuoteIago learning that Othello and Desdemona, the daughter of the Venetian senator Brabantio, have gotten married in secret he plots his revenge. Beginning with secretly causing a scene to enlighten Brabantio about the elopement which amounts to nothing but a warning to Othello that foreshadows the events in the play, (quote). Othello, and Cassio are posted in Cyprus and are followed by Desdemona escorted by Iago and Emilia, his wife and Desdemona’s handmaiden. Iago gets Cassio drunk and then convinces Roderigo to aid him, promising him that Desdemona will fall out of love with Othello but Cassio also has fallen in love with her. He gets Cassio and Roderigo fighting, which in turns gets Cassio demoted. Iago advises Cassio to plead with Desdemona to convince him to reinstate him. All while seeming as innocent as could be; commonly referred as “honest Iago”.Iago breeds suspicion in Othello’s mind about Cassio and Desdemona’s relationship because how often they congregate to talk. Othello’s jealousy grows as Iago suggests they are having an affair, though he swears that would not believe anything without proof doubt spreads in his mind. Desdemona’s handkerchief, which symbolises Othello and Desdemona’s love, ends up in Iago’s hands by chance and becomes the substantial proof that cause Othello to go into a downward spiral. Iago plants it on Cassio and tells Othello, Desdemona gave it to him, despite Desdemona’s protest Othello is convinced of her infidelity. Othello tells Iago to kill Cassio, which Iago delegates to Roderigo, who fails and Iago is forced to kill Roderigo. All the while Othello has strangled Desdemona is a devastating scene. Emilia discovers Othello and slowly comes to the realization to how this string of events occured, and Iago kills her in attempt to keep her from telling the truth but alas he was too late. He tries to escape but is caught with evidence found in letters written by Roderigo’s person. In one last devastating scene, Othello kills himself in front of Cassio and dies next to Desdemona.The play script Othello is critiqued as the most tragic of the many tragedies written by, William Shakespeare. Born in 1564 in England, William Shakespeare is one of the most influential and famous playwright. The timeless Othello is riddled with themes such as love, reputation and manipulation how they are represented in warfare during 1600s’ Italy while they are at war with Turkey. To have a deeper understanding about Othello’s cultural setting, one must know history. Because of the lack of common education back in England during the seventeenth and what little researchers know about Shakespeare’s childhood, it would be impossible for a young man who rarely traveled and grew up humbly to have the historic knowledge and understand the cultural references to write this. Regardless how the play came to be, what we have is the Tragedy of Othello and it’s themes of Warfare riddled with historic renditions based off the relationship between the Turks and Christians. During the Dark Ages refers to the fall of the Western Roman Empire during when which education, religion and art development ceased because of government pressure on people. Othello is based of the time period when those in the Venetian Army overthrew their suppressors, the Turks. The Christians were fighting for their lives and Turks were fighting to take them away. The traditional warfare tactics during the middle-ages were based on courage, skill and cruelty exclusively, it was very bloody and those who were fought were strong, and not vulnerable. That is what makes Othello such an uncommon character. Othello is not just a soldier but General for the the Venetian Republic, fighting by contract for the professional army. Yet, his exclusively military background does not prepare him for the vulnerability of possibility of his wife being unfaithful. In fact it brings him down to his knees and he in a violent fit.

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