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The project initiation document
(PID) is the document that contains all of the objectives that are needed to be
passed in order to complete the project. Some of the objectives that the PID
covers are: the purpose of the project, target audience, who is taking part,
what is being delivered, how and when it is delivered, risks and budget. All of
these objectives are then put onto a checklist and the project manager checks
them when they are completed. The PID is used to show the staff their job role,
ensure that the company has the correct infrastructure, define staff’s
responsibilities and make sure the project is running smoothly and objectives
are being met.

Who are the stakeholders?

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The stakeholders in this project are
the people affected by the project. The primary stakeholder in this project is
the project manager. This role will be fulfilled by me and I will make
decisions on this project and managing it, affecting the project and its
outcomes. The other stakeholders that are involved are the project team
members, which are going to be developing the e commerce and thoroughly testing
it through all the stages of the waterfall model. More stakeholders that will
also be involved in this project are the different artists creating the
paintings and artwork, as they will have interest in the money made by selling
the artwork. To add to that, the other stakeholders involved, are the customers
who are going to be using the website to purchase the artwork.

Who are the clients and end users?

The client involved in this project
will be the local artist that asked the learning organisation to make the
website. Additional clients that will be involved include the other artists,
who will be promoting their artwork to gain recognition and build a bigger
customer base, so then their products could be safely sold so they could make

The end users that will be involved
in the project are the customers that will be using the website to look at the
different artwork and also to purchase the products available on the site. The target
audience that will be involved will most primarily be art enthusiasts or other

The scope definition

The local artist wants an e commerce website
developed to promote their and others artwork by letting users view the artwork
and also let users buy artwork through a secure transaction. The budget for the
development of the website is 

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