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body’s reaction to stimuli either internally or externally is referred to as
sensation. Perception applies mental stimulation to make informed conclusions.

Distinguishing sensation and perception regarding psychological analysis is
indeed trivial. Both perception and sensation are processes that are linked
towards an individual decision-making process. Sensory receptors in the human
body detect stimuli after which perception analyzes the responses. Perception
and sensation roles interpret the society. Interpretation of the senses is made
by perception which differs depending on an individual.

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stimulation is received with the five sensory organs from the environment. The
brain gets sensation and analyzes signals into individual perception. Unique
perception is usually due to the diverse environment where an individual
resides. Perception develops the belief of an individual. Sensation provides
the foundation to build the perception of an individual. Both sensation and
perception are psychological thoughts processed by the brain. The vital part of
sensation and perception is the results that are created from brain analysis
rather than distinguishing the processes. Differentiating sensation and
perception in some instances lead to poor judgment

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