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The answers that were given by patient in Beier sentence test indicate that patient think too much about her past and intense anger toward husband for violence in the past. Also, was observed that patient seek for support in others.

According to DSM-5 depression is widespread and serious medical illness that negatively influence feelings, thoughts and actions of individuals. Characterized by persistent feeling of sadness, loss or anger, decreasing interest and pleasure that last most of the day. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe according to the severity of the symptoms (Butchers, et al., 2013).   Patient’s case clearly illustrates that a person with a moderate depression shows depressed mood, lack of interest and pleasure in most activities. However, DSM-5 claims that patients with moderate depression do not meet the minimum criteria of 5 of the 9 symptoms. Furthermore, they may not experience symptoms within the same 2 week period (Butchers, et al., 2013).

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Depression and anxiety frequently co-occur, there are very high level of comorbidity between depressive and anxiety disorders (Kessler, Merikangas, & Wang, 2007; Watson, 2005).

The prevalence of depression among adults 65 year and older is around 1% (Weissman et al., 1988) however depression is most spread psychiatric diagnosis for older nondemented psychiatric patients (Cooke et al., 2004). Comorbidity rates for depression and anxiety are high, community-based studies Show 47,5% of depressed elderly at the same time met criteria for an anxiety disorder (Beekman et al., 2000). Another researchers identified that among older primary care patients with depression 61,4% experience an anxiety disorder (Turrina et al., 1994).

Demographic characteristics related with late life depression or anxiety are female, unmarried status especially men, and lower income (Blazer et al., 1991; Heun et al., 2000).

One of the risk factors for older adults is experience of chronic life stress and those who are in the personality trait of neuroticism (Ormel et al., 2001). Another study shows that comorbid depression and anxiety was associated with being unmaried, having functional limitations, believing that life expectations are the outside of one’s control, family history, life events (Beekman et al., 2000).

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