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Tennis looks deceptively easy than it originally is. Training for tennis is very complicated. It is different when played by the professionals than when played as a hobby at a club. To get to the next level, tennis players have to work on their overall fitness. Racket techniques alone wouldn’t suffice. To improve the overall performance in the field, players have to train on endurance, speed, flexibility, stamina, power, on-court movement and agility. Customised workout plans have to be tailored to individual players based on their overall health and athletic needs. However, every player can train generally with the following exercises to improve his/her overall fitness. Strength training involves lunges and planks. To train for strength one can involve in body-weight training, train in a standing position, train with free weights (to increase your range of motion), train one’s movements, train using multiple planes, and focus more on leg training. Resistance training that involves training one’s forearm, core, shoulder, wrist curls and grip helps the player perform better at the court. Plyometrics exercises help build muscle strength: pogo jumps (lateral line jumps), plyometric lunges, star jumps, lateral movement, skipping and backwards/forward sprints. Speed, agility and mobility drills can involve short and speedy runs with obstacles in the course that involve a high amount of direction changes. Biking and running help train the legs for swift motions.Endurance training has long bursts of high-level activity with rest periods. So, training for endurance should involve interval running and hill running exercises. Training for flexibility may not only improve one’s range of motion and balance but also prevent an athlete from injuries. Good stretching sessions before and after workouts involving all muscle groups improves flexibility. Coaches also recommend yoga workouts for effective and intense stretching sessions. Cross-training like swimming, martial arts, volleyball, football or basketball, improve one’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination. These sports closely mimic the movements in tennis, condition the body effectively and contribute to overall fitness.Have you tried these techniques? Write in and tell us about other exercise regimes you follow!

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