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Technology advancement made human life better and simple. The revolution in technology made changes in every aspect of human life including learning.  However, it is the biggest challenge to how to get education in this modern world. The issue is about online education. Should student get education online or be continuing on conventional method of teaching? Online education is the better choice for three reasons. First, online education provides flexibility in time and place. Students would have no longer to worry about missed their classes, which held on particular time and place. Sometimes it’s very difficult to go to class due to extreme weather condition or traffic jam. Online education would not only give students to flexibility in time but also provides opportunities to spend time with their families and learn from anywhere, especially for single mothers, those who are professionally engaged and lives in remote area. Second, the cost of online education is cheaper than to a college tuition fee. A cost factor is more important to a student when it comes to an education in today’s economic climate. In traditional brick and Mortar College, students have to pay many fees such as residential, parking, locker, student services and it also mandatory to purchase books to cope with syllabus. While taking online education, students can access all the information and data from home so they can avoid hostel fees and all data are in the forms of video recording and e-books so no need to purchase any extra materials. An example of fee structure of Eastern Kentucky University impart light on cost factor of online and offline education, the on campus fees for undergraduate is $735 per credit hour including on-campus housing- $2,060 and on-campus meal-$1,195while online its $ 400 and no paying on housing or meal.() In addition some websites offer free online courses.  Finally, online courses focus only on marketable skills.  Marketable skills make students more approachable on taking jobs and good standing in employment. Generally online education is short termed so online tutor focus only on subjects that are more marketable and update. Practical’s on online courses developed and polish job related skills. While it is not possible in brick and mortar colleges, because there are many subjects to learn and students cannot focus on a particular subject. Energy University offers online courses to ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) at no cost and by these courses facility professionals learn new way to create energy-efficient health care facilities, which help them in reducing operational cost of hospital. () Opponents of online education raise question on accreditation of online courses. This question makes students worry when they are going to take online courses. But it’s not a problem; because many schools offer online courses and these courses are accredited regionally by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accretion) and some universities also provide online courses that are accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission(). Websites related online courses prefers more when websites contributes with well-known universities; such as courser, edx and these websites are in partnerships with world-class universities like University of Iillinois, university of Stanford, University of Michigan, M.I.T etc. 

In conclusion, there are tremendous benefits for taking online education. Some researches show that students can be more productive and unstressed when they are taking online education.  

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