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Technology has changed
drastically over the last three decades. After the introduction of newer
innovations and ideas, businesses have eventually began using these tools to
further expand and grow immensely over the years. For example the internet has
completely changed the way businesses operate, now nearly exporting and importing
has become a main function of any mainstream business (Johnson et al., 2017).
Businesses accepted and integrated the change in technology into their daily
operations, as in the long term, the advancements in tech has allowed
businesses to lower costs in different areas, for example, the cost to
outsource and purchase from an array of suppliers has become increasingly
easier for both large and small scale businesses, as everything is available
online, thus enabling businesses to pick and choose from the variety of
suppliers. Also, the transportation of goods, whether it’s business to business
or business to consumer has also become very easy, as different form of
transportation is now available via
air travel, motorways, high speed trains etc. thus making it easier to purchase, obtain and
share information. Technology has impacted every industry, it has opened doors
for small scale businesses to compete with larger organisations and essentially
match business demand (Capon, C. 2009). However, there may be a great deal of savings in the
advancements of tech, but without proper maintenance and updates, businesses
can almost be left behind. E.g. Social media platforms, such as Facebook,
Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have become an imperative player to
organisations, in terms of how they market certain product lines and services,
as social media platforms are becoming a major component of people’s lives (Palmer and Hartley,
2012), businesses have utilized this
opportunity to reach a wider array of customers. This a aspect which Horton’s
have utilized well, as they actively market their products via these social
media platforms, which, essentially provided a new revenue stream, that is
likely to grow in time.

have a lot to catch up on in terms of advertising their products to reach a
wider array of customers, this is largely due to the fact that there are a lot
of well-established giant companies such as Starbucks and Costa etc., which
leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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Horton’s will have to undergo a lot of market research and create new
innovative ideas to battle competition effectively and efficiently.  

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