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Target Market:

The main target
market for Su? water is basically the big cities of Punjab like Lahore,
Islamabad, Faisalabad etc. but their main focus is in Lahore. Beside general public,
the target market of Su? water is also the institutional consumers like
universities, hospitals, tobacco shops etc. their regular institutional
customers are BNU, COMSATS, FAST, PG College etc.

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Market Segmentation:

segmentation is dividing your target market into segmentations. Su? water is
following geographic segmentation to distribute Su? water in different areas of
different cities. Like when distributing Su? water in Lahore they further
divides the city into different areas and towns, which help them distributing
the Su? water at every retail store. University/colleges, hospitals and tourism


is an essential component of marketing mix for some companies, but when it
comes to Su? water it is a less important component. Su? uses three types of promotional

media, personal selling and sales promotional techniques. Su? water does most
of its promotions on print media rather than using electronic media. Since
using electronic media is not the trend of the bottled water market. As we see
very less advertisements of bottled water on electronic media. Su? water uses
print media in the forms of newspaper, magazines ?yers and billboards. Su?
water also uses personal selling techniques. They send their sales teams from
door to door in order to make their target market aware of their product and
its bene?ts. They tell their target market that how their water is puri?ed and
how many mineral are present in their water and how their water is better than
their competitors. Sales promotion is another technique used by Su? water. Which
is mostly used during off-seasons. In these sales promotional techniques Su?
tries to offer their customers something alluring to their customers which may
increase the demand during these off-seasons. Examples are that Su? water once
offered their customers that the ?rst 18.9 liter bottle they purchase will be
given to them without any security amounts charged. Similarly they offered a
free 1.5 liter bottle on buying a carton of 1.5 liter bottle. However the Su?
officials feel that the promotional efforts in the bottled water industry is
not up to the standards of other industries like detergent industries.

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